CM Adventures

Save the Good Boy! Duchess in danger!

Session 18

The Party searched the bottom floor of the lighthouse and discovered a potion of healing and some coin that probably belonged to the lighthouse. Draven and prim scooped both up and the rest of the party met with the lighthouse keeper Ketil who was able to make it to the bottom of floor before being cut off by the undead. He told the party he would have been dead if it wasn’t for Aicha’s Brother and his friend who went in search of the torch to relight the beacon located halfway up the lighthouse. He asked the party to help drive out the undead from the lighthouse and make sure the next adventure did not crash onto the shore as it was schedule to arrive shortly.

The party ran up the stairs and right into a hoard of powerful undead ghasts ghouls and mummies. Rowan was able to turn several of these undead but those who resisted her light set upon the party. Seraphina’s brother Duchess charged into the fray to protect her but was quickly surrounded and struck with a rotting fist from one of the mummies and was cursed rendering all wound healing impossible. As duchess began to be heavily wounded from the undead onslaught the party rallied around the battle cry “SAVE THE GOOD BOY!” and fought through the undead lines avoiding being stuck themselves by their cursed fists and were able to form a perimeter around duchess moments before he would have turned to ash from another blow. After an intense fight the party cleared the 2nd floor of the lighthouse.

The party discovered 2 sets of stairs going upward and they sent draven to stealthily scout ahead and they upon inspection they took the stairs leading to a room full of zombies which they got the jump on and cleared out quickly. From this room they found a scroll of light and a gem as well as a lookout window from which they saw a dot on the sea horizon which they determined was the next adventure and knew they had no time to rest so they ventured up the stairs and fought through another room of mummies who were accompanied by Imps. in the ensuing battle Pokeman Jones lost his glorious quarterstaff down a hole in the floor and Yue was cursed and paralyzed and thrown down the stairs taking falling damage on the floor below.

As the enemies fell to the rest of the party prim and Loralyn rushed to make sure she was ok. Rushing down the stairs Loralyn tripped and landed on yue anime style and blushed but gave her some healing and helped her out of her paralysis state. Together they found Pokeman Jones’s staff. They found their way back up the stairs and discovered a familiar figure trapped in a magic circle. It was Agatha the Banshee who was in search of the book of Bogentle. She made her way to this port city to get a ship to its location only to be bound in this circle when the undead attacked. She asked the party to release her so she could unleash vengeance upon her captors.

Working together with quite a bit of difficulty the party was able to free her and they looked to hurry further up the lighthouse to relight the beacon and save the Next Adventure.


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