CM Adventures

Rio’s Birthday and Thunderdome adventures!

Session 11.5

As the battle calmed down in Wave echo cave Rowan sat on the edge of the cliff thinking to herself about the dangerous foes they were about to encounter and if she would survive to see another birthday. BIRTHDAY… it was her birthday today. She rummaged throughout the bag of holding and saw the box of fun and knowing no one remembered it peeked inside. She saw the birthday hat that Idris had for his now glowing and she reached for it but it de-materialized. Curious she looked further into the box and found a ring in the box and she immediately knew what it was. She had wanted one as a child but no matter how many cereal boxes she went through it always eluded her grasp. She placed it on her finger and sprung up to her feet placing the box of fun back into the bag of holding ready for what ever adventure held for her next and wondering how the group knew she liked rainbows?

Meanwhile in the thunder dome 4 goblins were ready to prove themselves. They were captured as remnants of the cragmaw tribe that was scattered after Klarg and King grawl’s deaths they were disorganized and easily taken prisoner. These goblins chose the fate of fighting in the thunder dome rather than execution.

Rizget Fizbolt a magic using goblin in a robe, Nixeez Pickleclamp, a goblin dressed in a dragonborn costume, Gizigle Wrenchwizzle a goblin adorned in many gold bracelets and necklaces, and Bazemiz Hardsnipe a goblin with simple robes and a shortbow emerged from the tunnel. As Rizget emerged from the tunnel the Birthday hat appeared on her head. The announcer introduced them to the crowd who was excited to see matches again after the dragon attack. The 4 goblins faces off against several opponents including hobgoblins, their former taskmaster bugbear from the cragmaw tribe, a pack of wolves, and some skeletoms salvaged from the ones that leaked from old owl well. The crew fought valiantly and was able to clear their opponents one by one. The day grew later and the Thunder dome clamored for a bigger challenge for these golbins so they unleashed their finally, a simulated dragon attack on the thunderdome. They let the goblins fight with an owlbear (Ivan) they had managed to wrangle.

The group fought bravely vs the dragon with the owlbear hitting hard wit hits beak and claws, Nixeez and Gizigle and Bazemis picking at it with their shortbows and Rizget unloading Magic missiles and firebolts into it. The dragon slowly wore the new combatants down using its poison breath deeply hurt the old bear and knocked Bazemis out. Rizget was in the line of fire but a magic wall appeared in from of her as one of the jewels on the hat went dull. The dragon finished off the Owlbear as the rest of the crew continued their assault. Nixeez and Gizigle ran to the dragon only to be clamped down upon and thrown into the wall needed healing from the clerics. Rizget ran in a circle and kited the dragon until it was exhausted and when it finally caught up to her it grabbed her and flipped her into the air but the last jewel on her head activated and she landed on the back of the dragon which decided to carry her off back down the tunnel to the cheer of the crowd. The new combatants got healed up and were rewarded with showers of cheers from the crowd and the mood in neverwinter seemed to be lifted with the new spectacle available to them.


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