CM Adventures

Rescue at Cragmaw keep

Session 7

The party come to the conclusion that they want to rescue Gundren now knowing the location of Cragmaw so they set off straight there from neverwinter. They storm the keep fighting through waves of goblins and hobgoblins finding sildar hallwinter’s gear in the process. Passing through one room they discover creatures called Gricks which ambush them but they manage to get away. They also find a barred door in the southeast corner of the Keep. upon entering they encounter 2 owlbears and enter a vicious fight with them with with Rio and Pokemon being rendered unconcious before they were able to slay the beasts. Upon healing up they find a shut door and hear the voices arguing over a map. They had quinlan sneak in and saw the unconcious body of gundren rockseeker, King Grol leader of the cragmaw tribe, his per wolf snarl, and a female drow. upon ambushing snarl and killing him straight away king grol smashed the unconscious gundren killing him in the ensuing battle. Grol was also killed and they interrogated the drow finding out she was not the black spider but in face her doppleganger she sends out on missions. Yue rushed to Gundren’s side and use a scroll of Revivify to bring him back to life. They collected themselves and made camp for the night.


schwawa04 ilyana19

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