CM Adventures

Race to the Grandfather Tree

Session 54

The party decided to spend the night in prim’s magical mansion and he sent out his spiritual servants to take care of the party and help them relax after a hard day. Several ate a meal of chicken and fruit where the feebleminded draven kept requesting doughnuts and so the staff led him to the kitchen to help him prepare some. A few minutes later the party smelled something burning and on investigation Yue and norros saw the over was on fire having none of the ingredients were taken out of the packages before being placed in the over and the kitchen was ablaze to Norros’s horror and Yue’s enjoyment. Norros ran around trying to conjure water to put out the flames and prim ran in asking why the servants didn’t watch him and they replies with that they did watch and are currently watching him. This is whee Prim realized his instructions needed to be more specific.

While this was occurring Caryandra slipped away to indulge her hedonistic side with a bubble bath. She thought about how long its been since she was able to property clean her body and hair and was enjoying it until Norros walked in on her bath. As he entered the door he was greeted with a dagger flung from the bath sticking next to his head implanted in the door. Panicking he cast Polymorph on Caryandra once again changing her into a cat submerging her into the water. coming flying out of the tub was a pissed off and wet cat that attempted to scratch Norros who ran out of the room yelling “I’M SORRY!” and shut the door behind him as a claw raked the door. Looking at the door he saw the tip of the dagger be removed and her glaring eye out the hole in the door. She proceeded to carve “prim sorry for the damage” into the door and proceeded to finish her bath. The party rested for the night and headed out in the morning.

The party boarded their ship and headed back to the village to reconvene with Xing and the child who lost his memory. They filled in xing with the information on what they discovered in the Hag’s cave and Xing said he was pretty sure that Shin Lan suffered from the same fate as this child. Caryandra gave the thought bottle to yue to see if she could figure out how it worked. Yue studied the bottle and saw a swirling white mist from within it. She uncorked the bottle and drew out a mystical white strand which she placed into the child’s ear and his eyes rolled back for a second and suddenly he proclaimed that he could remember what happened to him.

He said he was playing in the woods where he shouldn’t have been and the Hag lured him over and abducted him extracted his memory and the next thing he knew he was wandering the forest until he discovered the village and had been there until Caryandra found him and began her search for the hag. The child asked if he would be able to return to his mother in Luskan and Prim with his teleportation circle was able to open a portal to take him there. He gave him a note with instructions for droop to escort him to Luscan and the child was off.

The party rested the night in the village and set off for the grandfather tree in the morning. They arrived in the clearing north of the tree and as they approached they saw a tribe of centaurs arguing with some Dryads that were guarding the tree. the party attempted to be stealthy and crept close to heard the tribe’s leader telling the Dryads that they knew the grandfather tree had healing capabilities and that their tribe had fallen ill not being able to eat or drink for days and many were malnourished and to top it off several tribesmen had lost their memories to the damned hags in the forest. As they spoke the druids asked them to leave and the tribe leader looked as if he was ready to use force when Norros leaned against a tree not realizing it was rotted out and the tree topped over making a loud crash throughout the forest. The tribe rushed over to the area and discovered the party drawing their bows. Prim started to say something about how he should be the new leader of the centaur tribe but was muffled by Caryandra and Draven stepped forward and told the tribe that they were friends and they heard of their plight and that the party had powerful healers which might be able to assist in their sickness. Rowan stepped forward to help demonstrate her healing prowess. One of the tribesmen volunteered to let her try as the exhaustion of his affliction was becoming too much.

Rowan reached out and touched the Centaur and the healing light of Luruue cleaned a curse that was afflicting the member. He informed the tribe that he felt better. Their leader came over and saw what had transpired and made a request for to help the rest of the tribe. The party agreed to spend the day there and the Party’s healers methodically cleansed the curse from the tribe. As they were being healed the Centaurs who were feeling better wanted to stretch their legs and challenged their new 2 legged friends to a race around the grandfather tree. Caryandra and Pokeman Jones accepted the offer to race Dawill claiming they could outrun a centaur. Before the Race Yue patted them on the back casting haste on them. Prim refereed the match casting fly on himself to overlook and announce the race to the onlookers.

As the race stared Caryandra pulled out to an early lead using her frustration of not having to fight broke out into a full sprint leaving the other 2 in the dust. Pokeman Jones still adorned in his full plate armor slightly sunk into the grassy track he was chugging around but despite all the extra weight we was keeping up with the centaur as they rounded the 1st quarter of the track but ever with the haste the exhaustion set in for pokeman Jones and he was winded halfway around the track and the centaur started to pull away from him. Caryandra made it three quarters of the way around the track until she was winded but pushed on. in the final quarter of the track caryandra slowed down and the centaur gained on her but she had gained too much of a lead and crossed the finish line seconds ahead of the centaur. And the tribe cheered their efforts.

Grateful for all of the party’s help the Tribe leader gave the party a cloak and magical arrows as a gift for helping the tribe which pokeman jones donned. Dawill congratulated Caryandra on good race and gave her a gift of magical oil and a violet cinder gem. The Party spoke with the dryads who were grateful they resolved the matter peacefully and upon hearing of their quest for the giant relics allowed the party to search under the grandfather tree for any relics. Norros and Draven under a shrinking spell explored the roots of the grandfather tree and draven was able to locate an Electrum Torc that a giant once had used for a nose ring.

With their artifact in hand the party bid their new friends farewell and set off for their next location of Stone Stand. Back on the air ship Delsaphine congratulated Pokeman Jones on a good effort in the race and he showed her the giant relic they had found. Yue gave Xing the thought bottle that had Shin Lan’s memories in it and asked him to take care of it until they were able to return west to restore her and that they would have much to discuss if she got better. The party heard the voice of Zephyros calling out to them as they flew:

“Small ones we have learned more from the oracle. Listen well and I hope this information may help you.

What is Guh’s plan?
“To become the biggest giant the world has ever seen.”

Can Klauth be trusted?
“No ancient dragon can be trusted, especially not him.”

What’s up with the storm giants?
“The storm giant court is in chaos following the disappearance of King Hekaton.”

Where is King Hekaton? “Unknown.”

Who rules in Hekaton’s stead? “His daughter, Serissa.”

How can we find Hekaton? “Speak to Serissa, his youngest daughter. She has a clue to her father’s whereabouts, and she needs your help.”

The party responded with thanks for the information and told him of their progress. He also said he was going to try to ask the oracle more question but Harshnag was bored and played with the magical ruins outside of the portal to the oracle and the doorway shut and they haven’t been able to figure out how to get it open again. The party wished him luck and said they would see him soon. Zephyros bid them luck on their journey.

As the ship approached stone stand they set down outside of it and saw a tree in the middle of it and a bunch of burial mounds scattered across the hill. The party disembarked and asthey made their way up the hill they detected the strong presence of necromantic magic in the area and saw ghosts rise from the burial mounds and they prepared for combat. Pokeman jones cut though a ghost with his radiant staff and draven began firing upon them. Caryandra blasted one apart with her new crossbow Discharge sending lightning through them. Prim used a fire storm to cut through a line of them but damaged burial mounds in the process stirring up more ghosts. They charged and possessed Rowan and Caryandra. Yue blasted several apart with magic missile which only left a possessed Rowan and Caryandra. Pokeman Jones squared off with her as she tried to cut him with her longsword he smacked her unconscious with his staff knocking the ghost out of her which he finished off.

Norros build a stone dome around Caryandra forcing the ghost to leave her body to come at the party. As the ghost exited the walls the party was ready for it and turned it into ectoplasm. With the current ghosts quelled for the time being the party rushed to the tree in the middle of Stone stand and it seemed to be an old cutting from the grandfather tree. Norros magically moved earth out of the way and the party collected several long buried treasured from underneath the mound as well as a giant skull of Gurt, Lord of the Pale Giants. He was a frost giant that Uthgar defeated in single combat at the site of Morgur’s Mound. The party recalled this information about Uthgar.

Prim searched through the roots of the tree and found a branch which he placed in a Jade pot adorned with Green dragons and filled it with soil from the area to take with them. The party having acquired another Giant artifact headed back to their ship to plan the next leg of their adventure.



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