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Phandalin Redbrand Hunting

Session 2

After spending the night resting in the campsite outside the Cragmaw Hideout, our bard Prim used rituals to identify the magical items we found. The light crossbow (inscribed Vera) is a +1 light crossbow of falling stars. It contains 1 charge of Scorching Ray spell (1st level) replenishable by a long rest and can fire 1 ray at a time 2d6 fire or all 3 at once as an action. The bearer may choose to change the damage type of weapon to Radiant and get a +1 bonus to the damage roll. After some discussion it was agreed that Yue should have Vera, and she gave her former light crossbow to Quinlan.

Then our brave party of adventurers made their way south along the road escorting the cart and Sildar to the village of Phandalin without event. We brought the cart of the much-needed provisions to Elmor Barthen at Barthen’s provisions delivering the supplies and he paid each party member 15 gp for their work.. He also gave us a chest to deliver back to Wes in Neverwinter, and Quinlan took responsibility for keeping it safe. Barthen said he was willing to buy the small jade frog statue for 40 gp, but the party decided not to sell it at this time in case it is needed as part of our quest.

Prim and Idris started spreading word of the world’s greatest bard being in town for one night only performing at the Stonehill Inn.

The party then took the part of the provisions meant for Sister Garaele over to her. A cleric of the goddess of luck, Tymora, she was looking worse for wear and she told us of being ambushed by an orc raiding party north on triboar trail. She was on a quest to find a missing spellbook from the banshee Agatha, BoGentle’s spellbook. Sister Garaele offered to make us 3 healing potions to find the spellbook and deliver it to her and the party accepted the quest. She told us that the banshee lair is near Coneyberry ruins, and we should take the left trail up into her lair. She gave us a comb to give to Agatha to aid us in this quest. Rowan then bought a vial of holy oil from Sister Garaele.

We met a former adventurer in the orchard, Daran Edermath, and he told us of Dendrar, a local woodcarver, who stood up to the Redbrand ruffians ten days ago when they came by his shop and leered at his wife. The Redbrands murdered him, grabbed his body, and now his wife, daughter, and son have gone missing too. Several townsfolk saw it happen.

The party made our way to the inn and met Toblin Stonhill, the innkeeper at the Stonehill Inn. Prim negotiated a good price for a rooms in return for a performance. A few tankards of ale led to a heated discussion about the quarterstaff with both Rorhic and PokeyMan wanting the quarterstaff, so they agreed to arm wrestle for it, the party cheering on the fierce dragonborn and fighter (Prim taking some bets). PokeyMan won the bout and claimed Glimmer to attune to it. The quarterstaff (inscribed Glimmer) is a glorious quarterstaff. The bearer may choose to change the damage type of weapon to Radiant and get a +1 bonus to the damage roll.

Prim gave a fabulous performance including music, illusions, and bugbear head puppetry, and the party chatted with other inn patrons. A local miner told us that the Redbrand thugs who murdered the woodcarver hang out at the Sleeping Giant tavern.

After a good night’s rest, the party made our way to the Sleeping Giant after dawn hoping to surprise the Rebrands with the early hour. Prim approached the two guards at the door first, and requested to enter and play for the tavern. They threw rocks at him and told him to dance for his entrance, and were so impressed by Prim’s amazing performance they opened the door and let him in. Rorhic then demanded entrance and the guards took that as an invitation for a fight and drew their weapons. Quinlan stealthily snuck up and fired his light crossbow at one. PokeyMan attacked with his quarterstaff and Idris pulled the other one away from the door with his thorn whip. Inside the tavern Prim charmed the bartender into letting him play for the tavern. His delightful morning performance kept the other Redbrands inside while the rest of the party made short work of the two guards. Prim brought sleep to the Sleeping Giant tavern and put one of the Redbrands inside to sleep, while the party entered to engage the other Redbrands, Idris leading the charge with a skillful thunderwave blast hitting two of them. Rowan finished one off with her long sword, Yue blasted them with firebolts, and Rorhic took out another one with a ball kicking strike.

The last sleeping Redbrand was tied up and interrogated. The adventurers learned that he didn’t know anything about the wizard Iarno we’re looking for, however a creepy wizard named Glassstaff joined the Redbrands at the manor and the Redbrands took him in on the orders of the Black Spider. The woodcarver’s wife and children are also there. He told us there are a dozen to 20 Redbrands in the manor and a creature they keep, and a handful of bugbears. We found 50 gold 60 sp and 35 cp on all dead Redbrands, and we let the captured Redbrand go as he swore he was leaving the bandits and immediately left town under the watchful glare of Quinlan.

Most of the part kept guard while taking a short rest outside the Sleeping Giant, and Rowan went to visit the Phandalin town hall. She found a notice posted outside: “REWARD-Orcs near Wyvern Tor! Those of a mind to face the orc menace should inquire within.” Rowan entered and talked with the townmaster Harbin Wester. He offered a reward of 100 gp to handle the orc problem at Wyvern Tor and end the orc raids along the Triboar Trail. To get there we should go northeast half way to Coneyberry then straight east through the mountains to the orc base at Wyvern Tor. She told him the knights of Order of the Unicorn would valiantly accept his quest! He seemed concerned when she told him about the group’s breakfast at the Sleeping Giant, and she assured him that our next stop is out to the manor to rid Phandalin of its Redbrand scourge.

After the short rest, most of the party returned to the Stonehill Inn to ask Sildar if he thinks Glasstaff could be his friend Iarno. Quinlan and PokeyMan stayed to keep guard outside the Sleeping Giant tavern to prevent the return of any other Redbrands. Sildar offered the party 200 gp to find out what happened to Iarno and to bring him or what is left of him back. The party accepted the quest, and Sildar left for the town hall to talk with the townmaster.

The party then made their way to the ruins of the manor, and snuck down into a seemingly empty cellar. Rowan slipped while investigating the cistern and fell in. Just as she was climbing out, the door flew open knocking her back in the water and opportunity attacks from PokeyMan and Quinlan killed the first Redbrand to charge through the door. Idris turned into a ferocious tiger jumping onto a tiny ledge on the cistern. The ledge already made wet by Rowan caused the large tiger to join her in the water. Eventually Rowan joined in the fight after climbing out of the water again dripping water with each attack of her longsword. Prim spent part of the battle scowling at his hand crossbow and seemed to be concerned it was malfunctioning. Idris jumped out of the water with a roar shaking water off into PokeyMan’s eyes, and attacked with a fierce bite. After an intense battle, Yue finished off the final Redbrand with a firebolt. The redbrand in his death throws ran while on fire to a wall near the entrance and began clawing at it as the fire reduced him to a burning heap.

Quinlan found a false door where the redbrand was clawing, and Prim sang a song of rest as the party decided to take a short rest to heal. Having had a couple of visits into the cistern, Rowan found a rope tied to a waterproof satchel containing a potion of healing, a potion of invisibility, 50gp, and a set of travelers clothes. Searching the guard room, we found some coin and 4 Redbrand cloaks. Behind some barrels, PokeyMan found an amulet which he gave to Rorhic. Quinlan asked for the amulet to give it to Prim to identify, and Rorhic refused, so Quinlan asked two more times with Rorhic refusing. Then Quinlan suggested he might stab Rorhic in the eye if he didn’t get it identified, and Rorhic blasted Quinlan with his dragonborn lightning breath. Quinlan backed off in disgust and let him have the amulet. Eventually Rorhic did show the amulet to Prim. (It is an amulet of eavesdropping — As long as it is on the same plane, the bearer can hear through this item as if they were present.) Everyone was shocked by Rorhic’s behavior, and it’s not clear if Prim told Rorhic what it does. After some trial and error, Quinlan found he could easily ride on the back of Idris in tiger form looking very cool on a tiger mount, and the party finished up our short rest with a debate about if a tiger saddle would stay with Idris when he changes form.


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