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Party time in Waterdeep

Session 28

The party decided to play another round of snowball fight with Holly with free for all rules with Zuriel winning again. He was awarded a pouch of magical snow and a reindeer whistle. Holly thanked the party once again and bid them farewell. She sent them back to where they left Waterdeep. The party saw Lor and he asked them where they went and they informed of all that transpired and he said he didn’t understand as they were only gone 10 seconds. They surmised that time passes differently in different planes of existence.

Rowan went to go collect her plate armor and Yue searched the city for a place to bake her om nom berry pies having gathered all the ingredients. She found an Inn called the Raging lion and set up in their kitchen. Not being an experienced baker she almost burnt both of the ones she was making but she was able to salvage half a pie and shared it with her party. The rest of the party gathered at the inn. The owner was a tiefling named Zawala and she hit it off with Draven and as they talked they revealed they knew Zem Slatedust from when they met him near icespire peak. She informed the party she was his apprentice but he left after an accident and hasn’t seen him since and so she converted his workshop into an inn and has been running things since but times have been rough.

Prim suggested that they advertise and perform there to give the inn a boost and Zawala was receptive to the idea and offered the party free room and board for their efforts. Prim went to work acquiring stationary and making eye catching posters of himself looking glamorous. They posted the ads all over town and that night the inn was packed and Prim performed with the rest of the party cheering/heckling him from the crowd or helping him with rainbow flourishes. The performance was a big hit and the party earned a lot of tips. Zawala took Draven upstairs to their pent house to celebrate and the rest of the party took to their rooms, Rowan and Lor went to one room, Yue had her own, and Prim, Pokeman Jones, and Zuriel shared a room.

The party went to bed for the night but in the middle of the night 2 drow came in through Prim’s window. They drew blades and drove them into Prim and Zuriel. Their shouts awakened Pokeman Jones, Yue, Lor and Rowan. Draven was far down the hall in the penthouse and did not hear the commotion. The party grabbed for their weapons and ended up killing one of the assassins in the ensuing fight and knocked the other out and stuffed him into a trunk for the night that they kept guard on. Zawala ran to their room and saw what transpired and apologized for what happened and recognized that the markings on the Assassin was a member of the order of the clean hand which was an assassin’s guild in the area. she suggested that they turn them into the waterdeep guard in the morning as there are bounties on the heads of anyone operating in this guild. The party checked on their prisoner to interrogate him in the morning but forgot to punch air holes in the trunk they put him in and he suffocated. The party sought out guards and turned them in for a reward. The party decided to head to Nightstone next to help out the friend of sister Garaelle and deal with their goblin problem. The party went and gathered supplies and while they did Prim had a messenger boy run up to him and gave him a note:

Hi Prim its Droop. Weis haveing lots of fun on the road and made it back to phendlin. Wes and lorln are learning me how to right and reed common. We even had a party at stone hill inn. Everyone was singing and dacing and we even had pie. Dinner must have been filling because lorylyn didn’t eat her pie but gave it to duchess and went up to her room and sounded that she was laughing for most of the night. She must have thought of a funny joke. I miss your jokes Prim. Anyway Ductchess loved the pie and even ate the pie tray. more iron in the diet right. We are heading for Neverwinter after this sleep. Stay safe Prim


Prim took out some of his remaining parchment and wrote back to him:

Dear Droop,

I’m impressed by your writing its very good. After arriving in Halenshire we actually ended up having to save winters days. We were listening to the story when an elf ran up and teleported us to another realm. After an epic fight with Kringle we moved to his workshop where we fought the Grinch himself!!! After and epic fight, I finished him off dodging forward around several of his fireballs slide on my knees and pointed my crossbow up at his head and finished him with “Your heart is 3 sizes to small” and he fell to his knees. I got some pretty cool fireball spells from him as an early witersday gift. Hope you got some cool stuff for wintersday! For now were heading to Nightstone to deal with a goblin problem, hopefully everything goes well. As for loralin try talking to her and tell her that your there for her. I know she sounds like shes good but I have a feeling that she might want to talk to someone.

Stay well,
Prim Pressleaf

A human, a half orc, and an elf walk into a bar. The dwarf walks under it”

The party finished gathering supplies and headed out for Nightstone. after a week of travel they saw the town in the distance. They heard a bell ringing throughout the town and the drawbridge was down. Other than that it was quiet and the party was overcome with a feeling of dread that there was something wrong so they ran to the bridge and saw wargs and goblins in the town and engaged in battle with them. they cleared the town square and ran into a church of Lathander and cleared more goblins from there. they looked out the window and saw boulders peppered throughout the town and discussed how they could have gotten there as the bell continued to ring incessantly in down the party prepared themselves for what else remains in town.


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