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Nightstone Under Siege

Session 29

The Party made there way to the bell loft in a temple to Lathander in Nightstone and slew 2 goblins who were ringing the bells. As the town grew quiet the party started searching house to house in hopes of finding any survivors. One house was sealed with ominous words on the door written in irfernal “Let all who enter this home without the consent of its owner burn for ninety-nine years in the depths of Nessus and freeze for a thousand more in the icy wastes of Cania.”

Zuriel tried to break down the door but sprained his wrist But Prim combining strength with his mighty steed was able to break down the door. Heading the warning on the door they found some goblins with pumpkins on their heads in a field and sent them into the house 1st. Seeing nothing trapped they finished them off and collected an evil looking holy symbol of Asmodeus from within.

Searching south Yue and Rowan discovered a house with a tressym in it with its owners found crushed beneath the rubble. Yue extended her arm out and with Rowans help making animal calls they gained its trust and it hopped onto Yue’s shoulder. She inspected it and it had a name tag which read “Rillix.” Pokeman Jones and Draven discovered 2 more goblins hiding in a windmill and they tried to avoid the party by hiding in the rafters. they tried to convince them to come down and the goblins gave them information saying the villagers were captured by their leader Hark when they fled to the dripping caves to the north and they would take them there if they spared their lives. The party agreed but as soon as they turned their back they tried to sneak off. Rowan threw a javelin through one of them and Zuriel knocked the other one out.

The party ventured to the south aspect of the village and wanted to get to the keep but a broken bridge was in the way. most of the party was able to leap across. pokeman jones tied a rope to each end with aided in the crossing of the bridge. Yue almost fell trying to tightrope walk across the bridge but Rillix steadied her and they all made it into the keep. The party found 4 guards still alive in the keep looking forlorn over the body of a noble woman. They informed the party of all that had transpired before their arrival:
Nightstone was bombarded by rocks dropped from a giant castle in the sky. The keep was cut off from the village when a rock tore away part of the bridge.

• With nowhere to hide, the people in the village loweredthe drawbridge and fled north. In the event ofan attack, the villagers are supposed to retreat tothe keep; with the bridge out, that was no longeran option.

• North of Nightstone, about a mile away, are some bat caves. The villagers probably hid there.

• Several guards stationed in the village fled north withthe villagers.

• Once the villagers had fled, four pale-skinned giants descended from the sky, uprooted the nightstone in the village square, and took it back to their castle. The cloud castle left soon thereafter, drifting eastward.

• Lady Nandar was in the great hall when the roof collapsed. She was buried under the rubble and died before anyone could reach her.

As the party was discussing these events prim snuck upstairs and attempted to go into Lady Nightstones room and loot her belongings but as he opened the chest in her room a magical longsword sprung to life and Prim made a lot of noise trying to subdue the sword. The guards rushed upstairs and ordered them all out of the room and to Leave Lady Nandar’s possessions alone. As this was happening Yue and Pokeman Jones went up to the roof and spotted 5 men on horseback galloping into nightstone. they started going house to house questioning and killing any remaining straggler goblins that were still in the village. They went back downstairs and informed the guards of the latest arrivals. Everyone went outside to go see who just arrived except for prim who stealthily remained behind after the guards left to continue looting her room.

The party got back to the center of town where they met up with the leader of the cavalry as he was calling out the name Kella. He noticed the party introduced himself as Xolkin and told them he would take things from here shoring up defenses of the town and that he got word from Lady Nightstone that there were problems with goblin and orc raids in the area and he brought his crew of bounty hunters to clean up this mess. Xolkin ordered his men to raise the drawbridge. The party tried to protest and they got into an argument with the party and guards as to who should be in control here when the sound of an Orc war horn blasted through the air. everyone climbed to the top of Nightstones defense towers and witnessed an army of 40 orcs and 2 captains marching on Nightstone.

Everyone prepared for battle, Zuriel slipped outside of the drawbridge before it was fully raised. Xolkins men manned the tower to the northeast north west and southwest. Rowan and Pokeman jones took the northeast tower and draven and yue manned the southeast tower. A woman came running out of the a building to Xolkin’s side and he looked very pleased to see her. As the orc army approached they launches a volley of javelins into the fort and struck down 2 of Xolkin’s men. Pokeman Jones and rowan’s armor held up against the volley, one struck draven in the shoulder but then Yue raised the glass staff of defense and created a shield which repelled the remainder of the assault. Yue Responded with a fireball which devastated 20 of the orc ranks. Xolkin’s remaining men unleashed their crossbows into the orc forces cutting several down. Zuriel cast a wall of darkness on the remaining battalion causing their next javelin volley to fly off target but it managed to kill one of the guards on the inside of nightstone. Draven used his pistol snow shot to make the terrain difficult for them to pass through and Yue devastated their ranks again with another fireball as Zuriel lifted the darkness. Draven blasted through one of the commander’s with an eldritch blast. This left only the other commander remaining which zuriel engaged in combat. As he was about to knock the commander for questioning out a bolt flew in from nightstone into the ear of the commander and he collapsed to the ground dead. From the tower Pokeman Jones waved to Zuriel proclaiming YEAH I GOT HIM BUDDY!

Prim went back into Lady Nightstone’s room and did battle with the sword eventually disabling it after taking several slashes from it. He quickly took the contents of her chest and then headed to the library to look for an excuse for his absence. He found several books and pieced together the following information about the current events surrounding nightstone:


The beauty of Ardeep Forest and the mystique of its elven ruins have long attracted nobles from Waterdeep. The nobles of House Nandar had a hunting lodge in the forest two centuries ago, but elves forced them to abandon it. Ten years ago, members of House Nandar-Lord Drezlin Nandar and Lady Velrosa Nandar—decided it was time to return. They built a new motte-and-bailey settlement south of the Ardeep Forest and began making forays into the woods with friends to hunt and explore. Unknown to the Nandars, wood elves from Evermeet then settled in the forest, determined to protect the remnants of old elf empires from plunder and desecration. As in the past, the interests of the elves and Nandars were at cross purposes. A year ago, the conflict came to a head, and the elves attacked Nightstone. Drezlin was among the many slain, shot and killed by elf arrows while standing on the roof of his keep. His widow, Lady Velrosa Nandar, made peace with the elves and promised to make no further incursions into the Ardeep Forest-a promise she kept for the rest of her life. Velrosa was mortally wounded when the cloud giants bombarded Nightstone, leaving the village without a lord or lady to govern it.

With the battle ending the party made their way back to town to meet with the guards and bounty hunters to discuss their next plan of action


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