CM Adventures

Lizards Assault and Dragon Spawn Surprise

Session 21

Back in Phandalin after Venomfang’s assault on the town Sister Garaele goes around and recruits volunteers to mount a rescue mission to save mirna’s children and daren addermath who were taken in the assault. She discovers Iarno used a seeming spell to impersonate nars and was taken instead of the boy and that they now had a voice on the inside to help plan the rescue attempt. She contacted gundren rockseeker who had made progress in wave echo cave and he informed them that they were able to dredge out the remaining power from the forge of spells which they could use to arm themselves for this rescue attempt. Gundran, Idris, Quinlan, Thalia, and Sister Garaele headed to the forge and met nundro and sildar there. They each dipped an item into the glowing green coals that were the remainder of the forge’s power and enchanted their weapons. They discussed options for bringing back their friends when the flameskull of wave echo cave came rushing in and informed them that intruders had found the entrance to wave echo cave and that they needed to repel them.

They left Sildar and Nundro to guard to forge of spells and the rest of the party headed through wave echo cave until they ran across a tribe of lizardmen warriors spellcasters and 2 leaders and they sprung into battle with idris and quinlan shaking off the rust from their prior adventuring days cutting through the warriors, Gundren bashed through their front lines to assault the wizards who used heat metal to cook his plate armor causing him to collapse after he got a few good hits in. Thalia Slammed her knuckles together and they erupted in flames as she unleashed a volley of punches and kicks tearing through their scaly numbers. Sister Garaele caled upon tymora and healed the injured through the fight and supported them until they tasted victory for the 1st time fighting together. With their new found confidence they received a message from iarno with important information that he was being held in cragmaw keep, the south entrance was the least guarded and most vulnerable and that venomfang tends to go out and hunt at dusk. Using this information they group planned their assault and entered through the south door. they were able to find the room iarno was being help captive in and released him.

During the rescue attempt some of the cultists discovered the party and a battle erupted in the hallway resulting in idris becoming Fat jeff in the hallway, getting himself wedged in and quinlan ended up getting stuck under his butt trying to squeeze under. With a little effort the party dealt with the initial wave of cultists and asked iarno if he knew where the others were being held but they did not. The party searched through the room which was previously inhabited by a grick but nothing was to be found until they opened a curtain revealing mirna’s child and daren addermath tied up. unfortunately there were cultists in the room as well and they sounded the alarm that there were intruders. as they did this the party noticed a big pile of gold in the room that venomfang was keeping as her hoard. It began to shake and 3 baby dragons burst forth spraying the gold coins across the floor. They Hissed and screeched as they flew around the room as the rescue team steeled themselves for a fight with Venomfang’s Spawn.



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