CM Adventures

In Search of a Lost Soul!

Session 47

The party headed down the stairs and came across a locked door with an inscription on it that Zuriel could read. it was a riddle:

I have many tongues but cannot taste

By me, most things are turned to waste
I crack and snap, yet I stay whole
I may take the largest toll
I assisted all of the first men
And I will pay them back again
Around me, people snuggle and sleep
Yet run when I am released from my keep
I jump around and leap and bound
The cold man wishes I he had found

The party thought it over and Zuriel said the word Fire in infernal near the door and heard a click as they saw the door unlock. They pushed into the next room which was smoldering and hot with magma flowing everywhere with narrow passages. As they entered they were spotted by a passing by cambion who immediately charmed Yue and set her upon the rest of the party throwing a fireball spell in the middle of everyone. The party was shaken but tried to recover and were able to break the charm by slaying the cambion, but by then they has bearded devils, more cambion, mephits and a fire elemental heading in their direction. Prim was able to halt much of their progress by stunning them with hypnotic pattern and they engaged the residents of this level in hell in an drawn out conflict with the party eventually being victorious. They explored this level of hell not finding the man in white but they did find some magical items like a crimson colored halberd, a staff of conterspell and Harvey found a special ring of protection +2 inside a mimic which tried to devour him as he opened the chest.

The party tried to patch up their wounds the best they could but they found no rest in hell yet and decided to keep pushing deeper as they found stairs descending even deeper. Once again they were presented with another riddle:

What is it-

That we love more than life,
Fear more than death,
The rich want it,
The poor have it,
The miser spends it,
And the spend-rift saves it?

This time the party wasn’t sure what the answer was and debated for some time. they shouted out several answers with no reaction from the door. Harvey suddenly had a burst of inspiration and shouted out “Nothing!” and the party heard the door unlock and they seemed ready to press deeper in search of Pokeman Jones’s Soul.


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