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Hitched in Halenshire and the Next Adventure on the Highseas!

Session 20

The party exited the lighthouse down the stairs except for Draven who leapt from the top of the lighthouse and used his belt of feather fall to slow his fall and impress Ardra who gave the the nickname of pelican. The Mayor congratulated and thanked the party for saving the town and gave them gold as a reward and said they would throw a party in their honor that night. He introduced his Son Lor and Daughter Sunah to the group who looked at the party with stars in their eyes imitating their battle cries they heard from the light house. “For Larue and you god damn right!”

Prim Draven and Pokeman Jones went shopping in the town. Prim and Draven picked up Potions from the local shop negotiating a good price. Pokeman Jones had some plate mail built for him at a local weapon shop. Loralyn whispered to yue that she saw a local bakery shop with some deciduous smelling chocolate cake and they scurried on into town in pursuit. along the way they found a recipe book for om nom berry pie and purchased it.

Ardra and Roam showed the rest of the party around the town until it was time for the party. Agatha met with the captain of the next adventure and booked passage to take her to the island where she scryed the location of the book of bogentle. At the party the party discussed this with the captain and discovered that the ship hijacked from the port during the undead invasion was headed in that direction as well so it appeared that their paths would still be aligned.

As the party began they built a bonfire in the center of town and food was brought out with dancing and music a plenty. Lor and Sunah brought Rowan and Pokeman jones weathers of flowers for their hair and bears and offered them their family home made soup and asked them to dance around the fire together. Unaware that this was the Halenshire Marriage ceremony and they were being propositioned both completed the ritual to the tune of Yue Loralyn and Prim playing music throughout the town square.

Seraphina sulked and wandered through the town. prim went after her and they ran into yue and loralyn. together they convinced her to come back tot he party and enjoy herself which she agreed to to duchesses pleasure as he smelled food. At this time some familiar faces of wes gwen and droop arrived in town and met up with the party catching up learning the cambion who was last seen here escaped. They shared that they planned to go after it and the captain of the next adventure, Johny smesalt, offered them passage to the island to get some vengeance for almost wrecking his ship.

As the festivities went on the mayor setup an egg toss contest with the party participated in. Roam and arda paired up, yue and loralyn, draven and pokeman jones, prim and seraphina, and rowan and Lor. Draven and Pokeman Jones emerged the winner and were awarded the magical tankard Everfill whic hencouraged them to drink into the night. One of the crew of the next adventure a dwarf named boatmurdered got into a drinking contest with pokeman jones. Pokeman drank him under the table with Sunah cheering him on. Prim challenged Sunah to a drinking contest and she drank him under the table and she and droop helped carry him back to him room.

The party was ready to turn in for the night and Rowan and Pokeman Jones were surprised to find Lor and Sunah in their room warming up their beds where they revealed to them that the were married now according to Halenshire Law. Rowen demanded they talk to their father in the morning but let Lor stay the night to enjoy some new adventures with her. Rowan had a terrible night sleeping having nightmares of dead unicorns and rainbows turning black and dripping black vicious ooze off of it. She woke up exhausted. In the morning when all was revealed the father was angry with his children in that they didn’t reveal their intent more clearly to the heroes of halenshire and gave them 3 options how the marriage could be undone should they wish it so.

A Halenshire Marriage can end if:
If one voluntarily strikes their spouse(s) with violent intent
If one is publicly exposed for producing children outside the marriage
If one performs a ritual designed to end the marriage. Offer a piece of a devil up on unholy ground where devils have entered this world where the rift between plains is weak will dissolve their bonds.

Prim woke up with with window slightly ajar but didn’t notice anything else unusual so he continued with his day finding it hilarious that some of his companions got hitched the previous night. Ardra Roam and Boatmurdered all headed towards Waterdeep as they had some sort of business there. The party discussed who would board the ship and rowan decided to take Lor along with her to get to know him better and see if he would like to become part of the knights of the unicorn where pokeman jones left Sunah behind but gave her money to live on. So the party, Lor, Agatha, Wes, Gwen, and Droop all boarded the next adventure to ail towards the island. Agatha told the group of her scrying revealing a dark tower on the island where the book of bogentle also resides and a feeling of great conflict there which worried her that they may be attempting to bring back lolth into this world.

The party sailed for a day and a half and Rowan looked awful until several people made medicine checks on her and found she was cursed and Draven was able to remove it. She felt much better although she was still thoroughly exhausted. to cure their boredom Pokeman Jones and Draven sparred in the hull of the ship resulting in draven punching a hole through the hull with a eldrich blast. They worked quickly to cover up the damage and did a patchwork job but was functional but ugly and it soaked 2 of the beds in the hull which they decided to take to cover up their accident. Prim sat and watched the entire incident and is the only one who knows.

One of the crew of the next adventure shouted a warning that they had incoming and a school of Merrow charged to the ship and engaged in combat with the party. The party fought them off and the ships crew loaded steel ballistae and fired at reinforcements swimming to board the ship sticking steel both through them downing several and severely wounding other foes. Those that made it on the ship were dealt with by the party but Pokeman Jones almost lost Nezzza’s staff off the side of the ship in the process. as he dove for it Sea hags also appeared and frightened several of the crew, droop, Gwen and Serephina. Using a death glare and a flurry of claw attacks droop serephina and dutchess were unconscious on the deck of the ship. Rowan rushed to their aid to stabilize them. Draven jumped from the upper deck of the ship backing through some of them. Pokeman jones smashed some into the ground with the staff he nearly lost. Yue Blew several off the edge of the ship with magic missile and lightning magic while Loralyn sang pirates of the Caribbean music to inspire her allies. Prim rushed to droop to pick him up and rage fired frost arc in vengeance for hurting his ally. Wes agatha and percy rushed to the upper deck and helped clean up the remaining sea hags and the sea grew quiet again. The party was able to bring their companions back to consciousness and they reconvened below deck for a much needed rest. Loralyn searchign through the ships food storage smuggles a bag of starch into her bag for the om nom berry pie recipe and showed Yue as they lay down to sleep put a smile on her face.

The Party sailed for 6 days and the island was in sight As they headed below deck to discuss the plans for hitting the beach Seraphina received a message:

It appears we were a little too overconfident. The last attack was a feint to test our defenses. Venomfang has appeared. She flew right over our walls and assaulted the town directly. Several are injured. She took mirna’s children and Daren Addermath who tried to protect them. Barthan was severely injured. All she said was “I will trade your spawn for my spawn. Make a rescue attempt and I will eat them”. The worst part is the rest of her eggs have hatched and fight with her. The situation grows dire.

-Sister Garelle

As the party discussed what to do about this Gwen was adamant that she won’t let that beast have Percy again and noone is going to take him from her. The party tended to agree and wondered if they should turn back to help when they received another letter 20 minutes later.:

I think we can slip in a rescue attempt with a few volunteers. Iarno was more clever than i gave him credit for and made himself look like Mirna’s child Nars with a seeming spell and was taken in his place so we have a voice on the inside. He can communicate with us through a message spell. We need to act and it must be done quickly. I gathered volunteers for this rescue attempt and the rockseekers drained some remnant power out of the forge of spells to arm 6 of us. We think that may be a small enough team to slip unnoticed and rescue them. May Tymora be with us.

-Sister Garelle

The party realized they wouldn’t make it back on time to help out with this and chose to leave this rescue attempt in the hands of the allies they have trusted. 8 volunteered and they decided 6 would make the attempt as they could be properly fitted with a magical weapon. the 8 volunteers were:

  • Sister Garelle
  • Gundren Rockseeker
  • Sildar Hallwinter
  • Iarno Albrek
  • Lienne Graywind
  • Thalia
  • Quinlan
  • Idris

(mechanic wise we did a school yard pickup as to who will play who for next game and the 6 chosen)
Rowan = Gundran (fighter)
Pokeyman = Idris (druid)
Prim = Iarno (wizard)
Yue = Thalia (monk)
Draven = Quinlan (rogue/paladin)
Seraphina = Sister Garelle (cleric)


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