CM Adventures

Breaker of Chains

Session 24

The party headed south in the tower to search for more slaves to rescue but cave upon a graveyard which they started to look at when 2 hands burst from the graves and grabbed Draven and Pokeman Jone’s ankles as 5 phase spiders descended on the party. Both of them ripped free as Prim, Yue and rowan did combat with them holding them at bay. As they smashed through the last phase spider they inspected the graves and found they used the bodies of the slaves who perished there as a trap for anyone coming through. Gwen inspected one of the graves and found her parents name and broke down crying. Wes led her away to console her and her sadness turned to rage as she vowed to end those who did this. Tsernoth offered to raise the dead here to make them into extra minions to fight with but the party decided against it as it would be insensitive to Gwen knowing these villagers.

The party continued deeper into the tower coming upon a wide open cavern finding themselves high up on a ledge looking upon what was the work site for the slaves the demons captured. The cavern was full of chain devils who had themselves latched to the slaves who were working to keep any from making escape attempts. The party debated a plan of action and decided to use the belt of featherfall to descend to ground level with some of the party and engage them while their casters and ranged fighters stayed on the ledge to fire from above.

The party engaged the Chain devils who put up a tremendous fight against them. Draven and Rowan got ensnared by the Devil’s free chains and began having the life choked out of them with tremendous constricting pressure. Pokeman Jones and the party remaining on the ledge were able to free draven in time but they reached rowan just too late and light faded from her eyes right as they were able to knock her free from the devil’s grasp and she clattered to the ground motionless.

Three more chain devils headed in to finish the job as they approached Rowan, Tsernoth rushes to the side of the cave and brushed off some ruins inscribed there and muttered an arcane incantation cauing a magnetic hum to be heard throughout the tower. Ruins appeared on the floor and a chain devil was flung to the ceiling pinning it there and electrocuted it sending the slave attached to it in a free fall. Draven caught him with his belt of feather fall ensuring he did not die.

Others were not so lucky as Pokeman Jones stepped in front to protect rowan’s body he swung his staff at the devil who placed one of the slaves in front of him as a shield and the slave did not survive the blow. Prim jumped onto a conveyor belt and attempted to fire frost arc repeatedly but lost ground and disappeared into the dark hole the rocks were being carted too periodically popping back out to take pot shots. The remainder of the team on the ledge was able to finish off the Chain devils as Wes used lay on hands and let his diving energy flow into Rowan and brought her back right before her final thread of life was severed and she regained consciousness.

The party collected themselves and send the remaining slaved to meet at the tunnel where they sent the other prisoner and they continued into the tower. The party ascended two sets of stairs and at the top they came into a large space at the top of the tower. There they saw 3 Braziers, one green with the light of the forge of spells, one glowing an infernal red color, and one remaining unlit placed in a triangle around a giant shadow of a spider. Surrounding this center piece in the room The party noticed the Cambion they have sought for so long surrounded by his devil allies and they steel themselves for this confrontation.


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