CM Adventures

A Battle of Wills atop the Lighthouse!

Session 19

The party Charges further into the lighthouse and as they go around the corner Seraphina senses undead to the north and even more undead to the west. She informes the group the western path is safer wanting to hunt down as many as possible. The party heeds her advice and heads west except for draven who runs north. Both groups encounter undead Wight’s skeletons and ghasts. As they engage in combat the party notices draven is missing and agatha and loralyn go looking for him and reach him jsut in time as he is under assault and surrounded by undead. The wights bring 2 stone statues to life which march towards the main group. Pokeman Jones and rowan formed phalanx in the hallway while yue launched fireballs dealing massive damage to the approaching undead. The statues almost cut down Pokeman jones but with a second wind he gave Prim the present on a new stone head for his bag of holding as they decimated their foes.

Draven accidentally shattered one treasure chest spilling potion of healing all over the floor which duchess and pokeman jones licked up happily. and he also opened another failing to spot a trap which caused an explosion catching himself and a scroll of call lightning inside on fire which may or may not still work. The party made their way up the stairs and discovered a room with decimated undead and the torch to the lighthouse missing and 3 sets of stairs as well as a trail of undead. They followed the path of destruction which lead to the top of the lighthouse. They heard a male voice calling out to their companion to hold fast that by Lathander they will relight this beacon. The party ran around the corner to come face to face with a Rakshasa and some remaining undead followers. A human male and a female elf were desperately trying to fight them off but were being pushed back. The party jumped to their aid and engaged the undead in battle.

Prim squared off with the rakshasa in a battle of wills trying to dominate each other’s mind while Rowan called out to Larue and frightened a mummy who was about to strike the Human male with a rotting fist. Using this opportunity he communed with his deity and began to purify the dark flames coming out of the beacon on top of the lighthouse. He call out to his companion Ardra to guard him and that they will win the day. Undead flanked the rest of the party pokeman jones burned through several with his glorious quarterstaff while Yue and draven held more back with their magic. Agatha charged the Rakshasa breaking the stalemate prim and he were in and began decaying its fur and flesh with a corrupting touch. Loralyn tried to hold off the onslaught of the undead with her crossbow but several swarmed her and pushed her off of the lighthouse. As she fell barely grabbed the side and screamed out for help.

Prim rushed to the edge and offered his hand but as she reached for it he was not down far enough and her grip started to give way but yue rushed to the edge and grabbed her wrist just as her grip gave out holding her but not strong enough to hoist her up. Pokeman jones quickly fastened a silk rope loop and hooked it around her arm to grab and together they were able to pull her back up to safety.

As the undead and Rakshasa were defeated The Human Male introduced himself as Roam Arniman and he purified the flames at the top of the tower and with light finally shining outward the dark flames dispelled. After the combat ended Seraphina was still enraged that Agatha was there and wanted to destroy the banshee as well but the rest of the party intervened and she stomped off. Roam and Ardra introduced themselves to the party as they watched the Next Adventure Sail into harbor from the top of the lighthouse. Roam gave Ardra a hug and told her that he knew they would do it just like when they would adventure together as kids.


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