CM Adventures

The Blood Axes Breakout
Session 102

The party arrived in the water canal City of Stancia where all of the travel was via gondola like a Venice type city. The party checked a local inn to find out that King James Stancia was holding a contest for entertainers around the world to come make his people happy. Those who could make him smile would receive a gold sum and the zenitian boots which were a family heirloom. They also learned that noon has succeeded yet but many entertainers were now in the area and entertaining local people. They also heard rumors that one set of these entertainers were actually a mercenary company names the bloodaxes that tried to steal the boots after failing to win the contest and were now current locked up in the cells. Aethil became disturbed at this news and told the party she used to travel with this company and that there must be some kind of mistake that they are honorable people.

The party rented a gondola and sailed to the main castle to enter into the contest to win the Zenithian boots. When they finally reached the throne room and introduced themselves to the king they were met with surprise to see the Princess Isabella Stancia having tea with Caryandra Nailo. They called out to her and she referred to them as “those idiots again”. Prim decided he wanted to make a good impression on the Princess and was stepping up to perform his best song when drifting cloud jumped in and decided a comedy routine would work better and pulled prims pants down revealing his underwear decorated with more faces of prim in front of the whole court. And the princess and king decided it was just another fools’s act. Prim walked off the center court disgraced.

Yue and Rowan decided to try a duet but they harmony was a little off and the king seemed bored through most of the performance. Drifting cloud though he would spice up the entertainment with combat and challenged Caryandra a duel in front of the king. She asked him are you sure about that? He confirmed he did she decided the bout would be to the pain (half hp) and she set down her teacup and went to the center court and curtsied to isabella and then with lightning flash reflexes drew her rapier celery and carved a C into his fur and drove it in hard into his hip and he cried out and retaliated with a flurry of blows which caryandra side stepped all but one which she was able to roll with and barely grazed her. She just looked at drifting cloud and smiled as he swung again spun behind him and carved an N into his back fun and this time took the rapier and put it to his shoulder and drove it in pinning him to the ground and sinking it in. Drifting could cried out in pain as he saw the blade pass through him and Isabella called the fight as he was heavily damaged. Caryandra flicked the blood onto the floor and Curtsied to Isabella and sat back down next to the king who stated he expected no less from his honored guest.

Aethil ran up to Drifting cloud and healed him and made a plea to the king that they aren’t great entertainers but what they do is remove evil from the world and as proof they have the other pieces of zenithian equipment and that they can save the world if they can collect them all and put a stop to psaro the manslayer. The king listened to their plea and had a moment of clarity as to the reason behind him wanting this contest in the 1st place. he said initially he just wanted entertainers here to help be a distraction for his people because they felt powerless to change the world around them but nothing is better than real hope for getting people’s spirits up. He said he likes the party and to prove they are who they said they were he wants them to prove they will get rid of evil. He told them of the bloodaxes attempt to steal the boots and he wants the party to “deal with them” that they were locked in the dungeon. He ordered Caryandra to go with them and gave her the keys to the cells and to make sure the job was done. She nodded and begrudgingly came with the party and led them to the Dungeon.

The cells were all isolated by waterways but the party pulled up to the 1st cell and met the leader Krusk Hammerfist, Hector the well endowed, Vanessa vargus, Saggita Tympanstam, and Arden who all recognized Aethil and begged her to get them out. When she asked what happened she said they were hired by this man seemed Psaro and a priestess of Tymora and she remembers hearing good things about sister Gaerelle so they figured they had a good reason of saving the world that they needed these boots so they agreed to get them for her. Aethil became furious and told them that they had been deceived and the things that Psaro had done throughout the land. The party was worried now because the king wanted proof that they were dealt with but the party was in luck because Caryandra saw the injustice of the situation and had a plan. She asked for the trust of the captives and took her dagger and gently ran it across their arms and spread their blood all over their cells and then Aethil healed their wounds. Caryandra unlocked their cell and had prim make a teleportation circle and the party sent the bloodaxes to phandalin with their thanks.

The party returned to the king and with Caryandra’s confirmation that the deed was done and the bloody knife as proof the king presented the party with the Zenithian boots and told them that they would help them find the final piece. When they looked over the equipment they had they found that they only needed the sword which was said to be in the world tree Yggdrasil in the middle of a mighty desert filled with peril. The king invited the party to stay overnight and participate in the celebration with the rest of the entertainers. Prim wanting to redeem himself began setting up Prim fest II. While this was happening the party was contacted by Norros who said he made an amazing discovery which could enhance the ship Pokeman Jones had received they were orbs that could make the ship float aloft like an airship and he wanted to test them out. The party told them of course that would help in their journey tremendously. So Prim went and retrieved norros and he worked all night on the ship while the party enjoyed prim fest and his retelling of their adventures which were embellished in his favor and the story of how they defeated the doom of the desert.

In the morning the party thanked norros and headed off to the desert with caryandra in tow. when she learned of sister Gaerelle’s corruption she desired to find out for herself what was going on. with the new enhancements to the ship the party arrived at the endless desert in no time. Through delsaphine’s masterful navigation of the desert the party avoided getting lost, managed the blistering temperature, avoided sandstorms and a sand tornado and dodged the hoard of purple worms that periodically snapped up at the airship. They arrived at the serene oasis of elfville which rested at the bottom of the life giving world tree Yggdrasil.

The party entered and were greeted by very nice elves who were surprised to see visitors. Prim came up with the plan to make the trip sound like a field trip for alucard and he was the school teacher. The elves being naive and not having much contact with the outside world only asked them to be respectful inside the tree and the party proceeded inward with Prim giving a guided school tour like in a museum. as they climbed high into the branches a few of them tried to swat the party off the ledges they had to cross but luckily prim knew fly and aethil was able to sprout wings. The party climbed high in the tree and spoke with one another and they felt the emotion of serenity wash through their body as they peacefully made their way through.

DC: might as well not lift a sword to fight since im so bad at it, I couldnt even fight a tig of an elf. now I see why my father told me to stop fighting, im horrible at it.

Prim: it’s ok I’m horrible at it too! I’ll start teaching you in the way of the wing man so we can you into more of a support position

DC: I know fourteen different ways to punch a man in the face, and you’re saying im support? Im sorry prim but you asked for a punch in the face right there.

Yue: Oh! Seems like Drifting Cloud’s feeling better now! You know, we had Caryandra be our scout this time since you were moping around in the back the whole time…Yue: Then we remembered that Aethil can fly…

DC: I feel like my fighting spirit is waning, ever since we rescued my family, ive began to feel more…calm, my monastic teachings might be catching up with me.

Yue: Do you now…it could also be the tree too.

DC: No, I know its not that. this was before the Tree, now that my family is safe my journey is over. My entire goal in life was to find the people who took them and bring them to justice and with the help of all of you its been settled. It’s as if the burden has been taken off my chest and I can finally breath peacefully.

Aethil: No one’s breathing peacefully until my friends are proven to be innocently duped by that maniac Psaro. We need to get this sword and find that long eared pale faced family ruiner

DC:That I can agree on Aethil. This monster of a man was connected to my clan’s enslavement, I must continue to fight until his head is on a pike.

Mara and Nara’s Revenge
Session 101

The party continues down a hallway after leaving an elevator stepping on a pressure plate trap springing up a dragon which blew fire singing a few party members. they came upon a pool of water and saw slimes and water elementals starting to form but they electrified the pool with lightning bolts and stopped the fight before it began.

After the fight The party enters into a large 60’ circular room with a high ceiling. The walls are constructed with stone bricks and there are torches in between various weapons that are on the wall. They are all lit. In the middle is a statue of a knight wearing plate armor, a helmet and holding his arms out with his palms facing upward. There is an engraving on a plaque at his feet that says “Bring to me the greatest weapon, that kings covet, puts warriors to ruin, and ends all battles.”

The party searched the area and found a nearby weapon rack with the following weapons on them

  • Deathbringer – Warhammer, Bright yellow with leather handle, 1d6 bludgeoning, 7gp
  • Oath Shatterer – Great Sword, Blood red with Elvish inscriptions, 1d8 slashing, 30gp
  • Mercy Climber – Glaive, Bright blue blade with black leather braided handle, 1d8 slashing, 11gp
  • Giant Toe – Maul, Giant’s skull with mouth open and maul protruding, 1d8 bludgeoning, 5gp
  • Quicksilver – Pike, Dark green Jade blade with bamboo handle, 1d6 piercing, 1gp
  • Bad Samaritan – Trident, Dark golden highly reflective with Abyssal inscription, 1d4 piercing, 1gp
  • Midnight Sun – Quarterstaff, Braided dark and light wood with teal crystal inlays, 1d4 bludgeoning, 2cp
  • Peacemaker – Longsword, Rusted with olive branch wrapped around it, 1d6, 9gp
  • Kingslayer – Morningstar, Black handle with milk white head sculpted with face, 1d6 piercing, 9gp
  • Widowmaker – Longbow, Cherry wood with yellow crystal inlays, 1d6 piercing

The party considered the words of the plaque and drifting cloud places a gold piece in its hand and it fired lighting back at him and them placed its hand back out. The party searched the weapon rack and took out peacemaker and placed it into the statue’s hand and it raised the sword to the sky and then placed it near his face and the party heard one of the tiles on the floor unlock and the room turned into an elevator. the party proceeded down deeper into the lab avoiding several other traps and ended up at the bottom floor of the lab. Mara and Nara recognized balzack on the other side of the room looking apprehensive about approaching the entrance to her father’s secret lab drifting cloud and pokeman went around the corner to scout and ran face first into a gargantuan death dog with 2 heads that breathed its moist breath all over his face and growled low at them.

Yue look out a delicious smelling bone and was about to throw it when drifting cloud took it from her and tried to throw it across a pool of water away from the party the grease on the bone caused it to slip out of his hand and it went straight up in the air and right back down on his face. the dog pusued the cat for his meal chasing him around the room trying to gobble it up. Mara and nara recognised the dog as their childhood pet fluffy who they had not seen in years. They alled out to it and Balzack and his crew of knights and mages saw this as their opportunity to attack the party and they clashed which the dog was distracted with drifting cloud. Balzack’s magic pushed back the party until drifting cloud slipped the meat bone onto balzack’s head blackguard and fluffy ran up to him and grabbed him in his jaws hoisting him high above the ground.

taking advantage of this yue slammed a fireball down in the middle of their forces devastating them and breaking their ranks. the party quickly swooped in and slew balzack with firebolts to the chest. He called out that he may die but Keelion will still erase them. Mara and Nara quickly disposed of Balzack’s body taking revenge for all he had done to their father. They tanked the party for their help and led them down into his secret lab located at the bottom of a treasure chest. They used the keys around their neck to unlock the doors to the lab and the presented them with the zenithian helm which was entrusted to their father many years ago. For the parties help in avenging his loss they felt like their father would want them to have it. They told the party they would take fluffy to endor and stay there if the party would send word ahead to make sure they know of their arrival and ok it with the royal guard. Prim sent word to prim2 to accomplish this task. The sisters thanked the party again and headed off.

The party decided to contact draven and see if he could go look at the ruins of santeem castle and see if he could determine what happened to it since lor and the prim tribe had no luck so far. over the next day he complied and investigated the area and determined that there was a ritual performed at the site of the castle and the magic reminds him of something similar to prim’s teleportation spell.

the party got word that burland castle had been attacked by an undead army but ragnar and healie held off the siege until princess of alena from santeem and a merchant caravan broke through and drove them off. Wes informed the party that they were fine and discovered that the king of stanica was gifted a piece of the zenithian armor as well and found the location of his castle and he indicated its location on the party’s map.

The party decided that the King of Keelion was no longer their concern and decided to leave the southwest continent and head for Stancia next.

on the 2 week ship journey the party tends to various tasks:

Prim 1 is hanging out with eralosa and Nendra, Prim 2 is getting wedding stuff ready, Prim 3 is running the Prim pantries/whooing DC’s sis lone bird, Prim 4 is running all the CM recruitment things/whooing any random lady he comes across, Prim 5 is whooing the mermaid, Prim 6 is going to the guild hall to help Prim 3 whoo DC’s sis by taking over Prims pantries so that prim 3 can go on a romantic date with Lone bird oh also prim 1 is taking alucard with him to hangout with eralosa

DC is helping Pokeyman with keeping the ship maintained and casually punching prim in the face every time he sees him

Prim 1 also grabs draven after hes done dropping the prims off, takes him to endor, and gives a rousing speech to the Prim clan/hangsout with them for the knight to raise moral.

Draven: You’ve gotten more Annoying over the months Prim…….What do you need from me?

Prim: Rowan messaged you right? We need you to come look at this castle. We have been up north dealing with this guy trying to kill some gods. During that we were staying in this city called endor. We left to deal with some stuff and when we came back the castle and all the enhabitants were gone. I need to go and deal with some other stuff so if you could look at it and see if you can figure it out that would be great.

Prim: Ill be here for the first night so if theres anything you need ask away but tomorrow morning I’m out of here.

Draven: She, really didnt tell me anything, she called me Dairy Queen when the message connected then said she needed my help somewhere. anyways, this looks like a sink hole. Have you tried going down the hole and looking underground? this entire area feels soft and its right next to the ocean, so it couldve collapsed from the weight of the town.

Prim: No its not that. The one thing we know for sure is that its magic

Draven: Well, it doesnt look magical to me, Im not sensing anything magical around the area, Are you positive they just didnt fall into the earth?

Prim: welp have fun. Talk to Rowans huby if you figure anything out. I’m going on vacation for a few weeks.

Draven: Thats just like you, leaving when the works just getting good. fine, have your vaccation, Ill figure out whats going on here, shouldnt take more than a few days to track down who did this as well. Oh and tell everyone I said Hi, and be sure to mention Im a father now.

Aethil got the CM tattoo from the wand the party had since the beginning of their adventures

DC:To be honest with you Arthur, it looks better on you than your other tattoos you’ve gotten. Atleast it’s not vulgar and can begin in public

Yue: And Drifting Cloud really doesn’t want to join CM eh?

DC: I have my own purgative, Im already tied down with the Kings Alliance and must fulfill my duty with them before I look at joining another band of merry people. Besides, now that my family is safe, I may be returning to them and the rest of my clan and head back to Iztaca.

Yue: Aw… I suppose…

Yue: I thought you’ll be staying with us until we save the dragon…

DC: That is very possible, But if something emerges in the future that requires me to help my family or be called away by the Kings I will have to make my leave.

Yue: That’s reasonable. I think we’ll miss having a stealthy cat-shield.

Yue takes out the phoenix egg and warms it up a little while Rillix snuggles next to it

prim: hey yue I’m traveling to like half of faerun if you want me to drop you off somewhere. maybe hangout with zing or your mom

Yue: Yes, I think I need to tell them what I found. It’s been a while since I talked to them.

Prim: ok where are they right now? I’ll drop you off there

Yue: Um…I think mother is back at home (Phandalin) and I’m not too sure where Xing is…last I heard, he and Thalia was searching for leads to father with Gundren and the rest.

Yue: Ah I remember! They were at Harpshield Castle near the Ardeep Forest when he sent me a message.

Prim: wait so xing has been searching for your dad and you never told xing you found him?

Yue: …I…guess so…?

Yue: He did tell me to go to the Bird Song Tower and I thought we were going to meet up there but he didn’t come…

Yue: Wait, you don’t think something happened to him and the rest of them right??

Prim: Rowan we need you to send a message to xing make sure he’s all right.

Aethil: Joke all you want, but this is the first tattoo I’ve ever gotten… The rest I was born with. Turns her face away a bit

Yue: Rowan, can you write to Xing for me? Here’s the message I want to send: Hey Xing, it’s been a while. We’ve been caught up with some quests so I haven’t been able to contact you. But..I have some good news and…bad news. The good news is, I’ve found father based on the leads you gave me. He was imprisoned there and experimented on. We killed the the bad guy called Chung Wah, I’m not sure if you know anything about him though. Then…father turned into a phoenix and flew off. I was able to track him down and we had to put him down. That’s the bad news. The semi-good news is that, he returned as an egg and has been dormant for a while now. I’ve been keeping it warm and there seems to be a heartbeat so I think father will return. But I’m not sure in what form. Just wanted to update you as I haven’t heard from you in months! I’m not too sure how to tell mother either…

Xing returns the message: Yue my love its so good to hear from you that you are safe and well. I am glad to hear of Chung Wah’s demise we will have to talk about him someday but I feel that would be more appropriate for face to face discussion. That is strange news about father I’m not sure how to feel about our father becoming an egg. Is it really still him in there? Yes I think we should tell mother together about him and see if she has any ideas about what to do. I long for when you will keep me warm once again as you do the egg and can’t wait to see you once again.

Yue: (gives the message to Xing) I miss you a lot too. Have you met Rillix? He’s really cute. He keeps me company at night, when you’re not around. His fur is very fluffy and soft. Prim is going to fly around Faerun soon, so maybe we can finally meet up and talk about the phoenix and bring the news to mother. I really don’t know if it will be father, or time together was too short. He only told me that the earring I have was a lucky charm, a power limiter. Do you have anything similar??

Xing: yes I have seen your cute tressym I look forward to seeing him again. I can’t wait to see you again I was given a similar earring I wonder what that means since we also share the same brand

Yue: Right, I noticed we have the same brand. I wonder what would happen if we take it off

Xing: I’m not sure perhaps we can take them off together when we meet

Yue: Okay, I’ll feel safer if we do that together.

Xing: Agreed everything is better when you are with me

The Eggplant Wizard
Session 100

At the Zenithian Tower Venomfang flaps her wings and takes off with a vonindod in her grasp. Riding on her back is Psaro the Mansayer, Tsernoth the corrupted, The Dark Priestess Gaerelle, and a Pit fiend. They rose higher and higher towards the divine gate. A hoard of angelic creatures poured out of the tower and tried to intercept the invaders. Laser blasts were expelled striking down those at long range.

Those who approached closer were met with Venomfangs Breath attack and any who made it onto her back were melted and smashed by the pit fiend. They rose higher and higher and reached the divine gate blowing a hole through it and entered Bahamut’s divine realm. As they burst through the clouds a citizen of Zenithia approached the crew and demanded to know what they were doing there but was met with Psaro’s blade who disemboweled the inquisitor who called for help from the guards.

Guards Poured out of the Giant Zenithian Castle but were met by the Deadly party assembled by Psaro. The Pit fiend and sister Garelle held off the front line while the vonindod blasted open the dragon hatchery revealing a bunch of young silver dragons. Tsernoth stepped up and finished an incantation and portals opened up sending a meteor swarm into the hatchery and across the walls battering down and obliterating their dragon defenders.

The vonindod threw its chains into the high tower and the party flew up to the northwest tower Psaro sensed the rift he was after was contained within and the vonindod burst through the walls like kool aid man and they were in the library of Zenithia standing face to face with the archmage and a silver dragon and some apprentices. Garaelle sent out a dark swarm of locusts which enveloped the archmage and venomfang leapt from bookshelf to bookshelf devouring the apprentices.

Psaro stepped forward and faced the silver dragon guarding the rift. As it snapped at him he took his vorpal sword and with one clean cold and calculating cut sliced around its neck and it collaped to the ground leaving them alone in the room with the rift. Psaro commanded Tsernoth and Dark Priestess Garealle to open the rift and they performed a ritual which widened it enoguh for them to proceed through and they proceeded forward towards their ultimate goal.

All of the players went home that night thinking how fun the last 100 sessions were and ready for next week. They all eventually drifted off to sleep but they were all awakened by a ringing sound and someone calling out “Nightstone is under attack, Nightstone is under attack!” Wyatt, Stasia, Linda, Scott, Chris, and Dylan all around from their beds finding they were no longer in their homes but now in a strange bed in an inn surrounded by their guild mates. They looked around and found several household objects, a supersoaker, halloween wolverine claws and a werewolf mask, a bundle of sticks, bottles with rags in them, cans of soup, and a walking stick with a big pepperment shield, a sword and a crossbow. Some of these items looked familiar that their characters used them in D&D and some seemed like household objects as they looked around and introduced themselves to each other in person a boulder went through the roof of the inn taking out Wyatt’s bed he was sleeping in they all looked outside and saw the floating castle of Lyn amaal dropping boulders on nightstone and the people running around screaming that there was a goblin force incoming. They also noticed a cloud giant descend from the sky and pick up the nightstone itself and take off towards the castle. The players watched as they saw goblins flooding into the town and they quickly grabbed their belongings near their beds and tried to figure out what to do. Suddenly a Purple eggplant wizard appeared in the room stating “who are you you shouldn’t be here. no matter you will be crushed soon anyway.” and then the wizard waved his eggplant and disappeared. Through the village they heard their dungeon master’s voice ring out “

Wes: no this isn’t right the (static) is acting up too many H games, (static) virus in the system (static) maps all scrambled (static) going to try to get you out hang on.

Goblins began rushing into the inn and scott was the 1st to jump up and interpose himself between the goblins and his friends and struck one down with the stick he picked up. Linda called out DUCK as she threw a molotov cocktail in between scott and the rest of the goblins catching the whole inn on fire. Dylan saw scott catch ablaze and picked up his super soaker and and doused the flames on his body. Wyatt grabbed his crossbow but on firing it didn’t take into account the recoil and the bolt ended up going into Linda’s Rear and she cried out in pain! she tried to go out the window but her sock got caught halfway and dylan (who was in a wookie pajamas) came and unhooked her Stasia took up her longsword and with scott pushed back the wave of goblins with scott taking an arrow to the shoulder for his trouble. As the inn was set ablaze they heard their dungeon master’s voice again:

Its open everyone in the portal!

the party charged through the portal and heard this:

Wes oh this still isn’t right now you are in the dripping caves captured by these goblins. The south entrance is heavily guarded those golems could smash you to a pulp but i am detecting another exit to the north. try to get those villagers out with you. if nothing else they can function as meat shields but i wouldn’t (static)

Stasia puleld out the arrow bolts from Linda’s Rear and Scott’s shoulder and tried to have them drink some of the chicken soup she had which seemed to close up their wounds and heal some of the burns scott endured from the molotov. Dylan saw the goblin guards and tried to shake their hand but ended up getting a slice from the goblin’s scimitar as a reward for his efforts they restrained him and told him he would be 1st to be eaten. Chris ran and slide tackled one of the goblins as they tried to lead him away and a fight broke out in the dripping caves. Linda threw more molotov cocktails and Wyatt convinced the prisoners to make a run for it and the party tried to blend in with the crowd.

The golems powered up and started marching towards the exits to block them. Stasia and Scott tried to face off with them but they saw 2 other prisoners get turned into paste with one swing of the golem’s arms. They decided to turn around and make a bolt for the exit when they saw what little their weapons did to these hulking creatures. Chris got to the exit 1st and tried to jump over a goblin to get over the chasm but the goblin up ended him and sent him down into the chasm, luckily he grabbed a tree root and was hanging there like obi wan kenobi in the pit while fighting darth maul.

Chris jumped to the other side of the pit and used his wolverine claws to scale the side of the cliff and he bit the goblin with his werewolf mask and threw him into the pit. as the rest of the party made their way to the chasm the golems started to block the way when they heard their dungeon master say “ I think i am able to tap into their alignment hold on” and the eyes on one of the golems went from red to blue and it tackled the other golem leaving safe passage for the players to skirt threw and they all jumped across the cavern finding another open portal which they dove into.

The Party ended up in Ironslag seeing their characters fight the vonindod. The eggplant wizard saw caryandra making her way to the duchess to break her control bracelet and he called out not this time and used a purple beam which turned her into an eggplant. They heard the DM’s voice once again:

Wait there is the virus. He manifested himself as the eggplant monsters. and there are your avatars fighting the vonindod. is he trying to rewrite history? Whatever he wants you can’t let him have it. He turned Caryandra into an eggplant so none of your avatars know Duchess is controlling that monstrosity! They are going to get crushed out there, help them!

Wyatt spring into action and quickly scrambled up the fire giant and deftly ripped her control bracelet off of her and with his small size avoided her grasp. He tossed the bracelet to dylan who tried to push buttons causing the vonindod to fire a death ray blowing up prim’s tank. Stasia quickly took the bracelet from him and tried her luck figuring out the targeting system using the vonindod’s fire power to take out the dutchess before she smashed them to pieces. Another portal opened with the DM’s voice calling out:

this map seems to be stabilizing quickly I got the portal open. statistically speaking the next map should be cooler.

The party immediately felt a rush of heat in their face finding themselves in the deepest layer of the pit fiend’s hell and quickly heard:

NOPE thats the 50 50 90 rule HELL IS GOING TO ERUPT! RUNNN!

The party dashed as quickly as they could as the lava and magma rose up through the layers of hell they all dashed across pools of lava with previously defeated fire giants laying there and used them as stepping stones. The eggplant wizard harried them the whole way telling them they would fry like skritt on a lighting rod! The players dove across a gap and helped those who barely made it up a cliff face and stopped them from falling into lava and dove through another portal and ended in a much more temperate environment.

Wes: it looks like you are on boat. try to fit in and not cause a stir until I can get you out. Don’t rock the boat baby I’m working on getting my antivirus online.

The Party Ended up on the Grand Dame in time to see primm’s worst performance of his career. Wyatt jumped up on stage with him to help him salvage his worse night and did a great job singing with his avatar and his succubi. Upstairs Scott and Dylan were in the captain’s cabin and saw the eggplant wizard murder the captain and then run out screaming the Captain has been murdered help help help! Scott and dylan came out and tried to explain to the ship’s security it wasn’t them but as they went to apprehend them they booked it and ran past the rest of the party and they all knew it was time to go after only a short time mingling with their avatar’s at the party. They ran to the front of the ship and saw they were already out to sea. Prim Dimension doored the party to the front of the ship and told them good luck and to get away and they saw a portal open up and they dove through it.

The players eneded up on a much less friendly ship as they were on the bottom of the morkoth in between heckaton’s thighs with him chained to the bottom of the ship.

Wes: oh no the eggplant wizard virus is trying to bring the kracken up from the briny deep, get heckaton awake or you are going to be swimming in davey jones’s locker!

Scott started smashing the lock, Wyatt tried to wake up heckaton with his trumpet, Dylan melted one of the chains holding him with mountain dew code red, Stasia used her sword to cut one of the chains,Chris poked heckaton’s took to try to awaken him and linda ripped out the last chain with her bare hands. Heckaton awoke just in time to see the eggplant wizard complete his ritual and the party saw Slakaretherel the kracken rise from the ocean deapths, Heckaton jumped into action and told the party he would not let the kracken take them and jumped on top of it calling down a lighting blast from the sky sending the players tumbling through a portal which had opened up in the bottom of the ship hull.

The party suddenly were hit with a blast of wind as they found themselves on top of Zephros’s tower shaped like a wizard’s hat. They saw the Eggplant wizard and he told them he had enough of their meddling that he would become sentient no matter what! The party tried to attack him but their attacks phased through him like he was a hologram and he tried several spells to turn the party into eggplants. They heard their DM’s voice again:

Wes: he looks invulnerable this isn’t good if he eggplant’s you its a long way down! the antivirus is ready and I figured out the spawn code hang on help is on the way!

A portal opened and the party saw their dungeon master come through riding a silver dragon who blew some antivirus breath upon the Eggplant wizard making him vulnerable to attacks. The party all converged on him wacking him with scott’s stick and linda throw a flame stick through his eggplant Stasia and Chris slashed him Wyatt’s frost arc bolt finally struck true and Dylan blasted him off of the hat and scattered him into pixels. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as their DM circled around on the dragon and told them they were almost home but they have 1 more stop someone would like to talk to them.

The party proceeded through the portal at the top of the wizard hat and ended up in pookies potion’s and pillows and saw pokeman and draven arm wrestling, norros facepaling at an argument they just had, Prim playing his fiddle on the table, Rowan looking out the window at a rainbow and Yue feeding rillix. The Avatars came up to the players and thanked them for bringing them to life and allowing them to experience such friendship and wonderful adventures. Each Avatar gave their player some advice:

“Never stop killing us off!”
“I would have been AMAZING at level 20…”
Chris: “To be honest Norros, I miss you man. My chronic altitis made me miss out on a bunch of fun with you”

Pokeman: Treasure y our granddaughter, because I will have one soon!

Draven: Pursue your Dreams like there’s no tomorrow"
Dylan to Draven “heres a detailed list of what you need to do in the future”
“Go outside you pasty bitch you’re paler than me”

Yue: “Don’t play with fire in real life.”

Prim: “Do dumb shit. Its fun” and/or “Bang hot chicks”
to Prim “Try to stay alive. You have a lot to live for, kids and stuff”

Rowan: Rowan tells Stasia to follow adventure and stay true to romantic ideals so when you meet the right man you can take the leap for Larue and love!

Scott began singing a song he dedicated to the players:
I met my brothers and sisters
on Roll20 last night.
They seemed so glad to see me I just smiled,
and we talked about bad dice rolls
and Everfull’s boistrous cheers,
Still playin’ after almost 2 years.
I got a Pokeman, he’s a tank n spank,
but I mostly spank Rowan our Priest,
and Yue’s our kid Mage, but her Phoenix
Gem’s a beast,
Still playin’ after almost 2 years.
Draven’s a wookie, in a brown onesy
Straife changes toons every day.
Prim never worries, so why should I…
he persuades everything anyway…
Well I sit by my window and I play the game,
I fear Wes will break my gear one day,
but I’ll be a Crimson Mercenary,
through the laughter and the tears,
Still playin’,
Still playin’,
Still playin after almost 2 years.

Chris Doucette: OH SHIT
Scott Vaughn: listen to this and put the words to the tune
Scott Vaughn:

preview of art commissioned for this game

The avatars all showed their appreciation for their players and the players for each other’s friendship and after tucking Viz’s avatar into bed and finally saying their goodbye’s they had pookie properly calibrate the portal 1 last time and stepped through it arriving out of the game and ready for next week.

Bahamut’s Blessing and Edward’s Secret Lab
Session 99

Estark the awakened grabs his stomach and growls as prim exits his belly and he goes to swing his sword down but Yue jsut finished casting meteor shower and a portal opened up in the room and meteors rained down open him tearing off an arm and a leg. With horror the party watched as he sprouted a more atrophied arm and a leg shortly after that and he picked himself up from the ground. He raised his sword and swung it down at prim but Moana’s ice had taken effect and ice encased all his joints slowing the sword blade stopping it inches from prim’s neck. “All according to plan prim proclaimed.”

Rowan fought with the chain devil and eventually smote him and the rest of the party converged and they knocked Silver assassin unconscious. The electric aura faded and the party went to the roof and cleaned up the rest of Psaro’s blackguard. Drifting cloud and lone bird ran to their father’s crushed body and begged rowan to do something to help him. She set up a Resurrection ritual and through her faith and the help from the party of prim singing and his family around him begging for his to come back they were able to grab his spirit thread and wrestle it away from the raven queen and Ancient chalk returned to life although he was badly damaged. He was able to get out a “Thank you my son and daughter I knew you would come for me” before he drifted off to sleep.

The party took them outside and set him up in a bed with the rest of the family who were injured to make them comfortable and Drifting cloud chained silver assassin up to a post. the party patched up their wounds from battle and they woke up Silver assassin. Drifitng cloud demanded to know why he sold out their family and rowan cast a zone of truth around him. They learned he was jealous and angry and resentful of not being promoted to clan leader when drifting cloud left and his father refused to promote him in his place.

They asked him about why he sold them into slavery and he said he wanted revenge on the family and then he met keelion who was obsessed with edgar’s secret of evolution but he didn’t get much information from him before he killed him so he sought the 1st experiment he did in the mines but needed slave labor to get the dangerous work done so it was a perfect fit. He warns the party that keelion is dangerous and anyone who has gone there he has erased from history but ever since Psaro visited he gave him a taste of the secret of evolution and he transformed into a beast on 4 legs with the head of a lion and wings.

Silver warned the group to stay away if they wised to live and Drifting cloud heard enough from him and told him he deserves to die for what he did and he felt betrayed as he was his best friend. He felt that killing his was too quick and good for him so instead he marked his forehead with an X creating a scar with his blade and sent him off telling him that if they should ever meet gain he would kill him. They had Busy bee open up a plane into the shadow plane and pushed him in there and closed it behind him.

The party took the frozen Estark and drifting cloud’s family and sent them back to phandalin to a surprised prim simulacrum. Then the party rested for the night. The beads on yue’s bracelet shone brightly and the party all had a shared vision of Bahamut urging the party to hurry and gather the remaining zenithian equipment and bring his daughter to him. He stated he grows weak and his power wains trying to keep shut the rift. He stated that they should take some of his power should he fall that the world will still have hope And his bestowed some of his blessing and power unto to party in the form of a boon. The party energized awake all at the same time that morning.

In the morning the party were met by a dwarf entering the mines seeking Mara and Nara. the dwarf was Edgar’s other assistant Orin Stonefist. He informed them that keelion discovered the location of their father’s secret lab and seek the zenithian equipment that was entrusted to him. He urged them to hurry there to protect the lab. The party quickly used a vial that the sisters had to teleport over to the lab. The sisters scarcely remembered the place other than the general layout as their father trapped the lab against intruders and they were unaware of specifics as it had been years since they had been there.

Drifting cloud set off a few rope traps and a dragon flamethrower trap. They came across a room with a metal pot and 5 holes in the room each containing various objects and a pressure plate in the room. Prim stepped on the plate and a door shut and the party was cut in half with half outside the room and half inside. The floor began raising up towards the ceiling. the party began throwing everything they could see into the pot in hoping it would stop the floor. Prim pulled out the immovable rob and it broke through the floor showing a mechanism underneath that they were on some sort of an elevator. The party ducked down as the ceiling grew near and the metal pot slammed into the ceiling and the elevator stopped and with a mechanical hiss it lowered back down to the normal floor. pokeaman jones ripped down the door. and the rest of the party entered the elevator it rose up once more and the party had to duck while they studies the metal pot. eventually Aethil looked at the ceiling and saw it was made of clay and earth and used mold earth to create a hole which looked like it led deeper into the lab. As soon as the elevator got high enough the party climbed up onto the pot and scrambled up to the 2nd floor of the lab.

Party dialogue as they ride the elevator up and it hums mechanically:
Aethil: Ok, I know we had to rush our asses here after whatever that was that we had to fight back there but WHAT THE FUCK! I mean what in the hell was that giant thing… If that’s what Psaro is mutating things into then we are gonna have to work together a bit more. The only way we got through that was Yue’s Meteor of Death.

Yue: I have no recollection of this…but I vaguely remember Prim got swallowed…

Prim: I think we just need more of those ice seeds and an army of suicidal prim clones and were good.

Aethil: The next time you jump into something’s mouth, I’m not gonna heal you Prim… Stupidity can only carry you so far.

Yue: don’t you feel sorry for the clones Prim?

Prim: fair. And their made of ice so not a ton.

Yue: … What happened to “clone rights” And those ladies…

Yue: but yes, we do need to form a better plan if we come across one. It was bad when it nullified or status buffs.

Prim: I think we had a good plan we just got destroyed by that one ability.

Yue: It wasn’t fool proofed enough. Well, now we know. Just have to figure out how to counter it

Prim: I think we just need back up plans. That was a pretty specific counter. Had it been a spell we could have counter spelled it. But being it was an ability there wasn’t anything we could do to stop it. So my plan b was to use the seed.

Yue: But that plan b was too risky.

Aethil: There were a dozen ways to get that seed into it’s mouth, and only one of them involved you jumping into it.

Prim: I suppose. I do like to be, as Rowan put it, “Romantic”. How fantastic of a tale is “we safely followed protocol and inserted the ice seed into the creatures mouth” compared to “the massive creature loomed over us, it’s massive sword all ready dripping with the parties blood. I looked to my allies, hurt and afraid, and realised there was only one option. I ran at the creature dodging it’s sword by teleporting… into its mouth. wait for gasp of shock I made my way down into its stomach enduring the burning sensation caused by it’s stomach acid. Finally in its stomach I unraveled my secret weapon. An ancient seed of the great CalDon tree. The tree lives far north farther than any city or town. The tree is actually the reason the north is so cold, it creates all the cold of the world. Anyways, I dropped the magical seed into the monsters belly and processed to create a magical door allowing to escape the creatures stomach. Safely outside I watched as the creature rived in pain, grasping at it’s stomach. Then suddenly the creature became covered in sparkalying ice. Frozen solid. Finally with the creature defeated we turned our attention to the next foe, a wild tabaxi, the most ferocious and animalistic being I have ever faced…”

Prim: see one makes me more money in the taverns

Aethil: You can, and do, embellish after the fact. That way you stay alive long enough to tell the story.

Prim: fine fine….. I’ll try my best but no promises. I don’t think of these things before hand, they just kinda come to my head while were fighting

Yue: Aethil’s got a point. Oh and, please kindly note that not everyone was hurt and afraid. Nonetheless, it was a good use of the tool. I hope the seed will never be destroyed…

Prim: I’ll try my best… but also to be fair, i liked my first plan of god pokeyman way more

Yue: of course! that was so cool :3

Prim: hey we’ve been traveling together for some time now aethil and drifting cloud. Here have a pamplit about cm. We have health care and I’m working on dental so if your interested we would be happy to have you The pamplit is made using crayons

Yue: Wait Prim…we have a pamphlet now?

Prim: Actually yeah. All of the Prims Panterys have them. I was trying to grow the guild so there would be smaller less experience groups of adventurers in all the places we can’t be

Yue: So, did you get any new recruits? We seem to have a lot of land all over the world and we’re running short of capable people.

Prim: idk prim 6 has been in charge of it and I havnt talked to him for a while

Yue: Prim 6…wow there’s 6 of you now. That’s…kinda….disturbing.

Prim: I see it as me helping the world. Every me gains and spends enough money to stimulate the economy. We like adventure so we help lower crime rate. And best of all the more Prims there are the less lonely women in the world there are

Yue: Sure Prim, sure. You can keep going with the somewhat-twisted philosophy of yours. Just don’t teach Erelosa the same things. I wonder if there’s a limit of Prims you can make though…

Prim: Idk but for right now 5 extra Prims is all the world can handle. Anymore and the overwhelming amount of sexy would rip the world apart

Aethil: Starts laughing at the Prim’s pronunciation of Pamphlet

Prim: I’ll have you know that’s a local dialect. Very fancy and mature.

Aethil: Sure, coming from the kid who jumps into monsters mouths without giving it a 2nd thought.

Yue: Oh good, wouldn’t want an army of Prims loose in the world. Reducing the number of victims…

Patient Zero: Estark the Awakened
Session 98

Drifting Cloud decided to go on a stealth mission into the laboratory and slipped past several guards and went down a hallway and up the stairs. Seeing a relatively quiet area of the lab he used the wintersday orb to bring forth the party to the 2nd floor. they found stairs going further up and going downward on the eastern side of the building and while they were decided which way to go they were discovered by some patrolling guards. After a battle with the Psaro’s blackguards they discovered a room containing drifting cloud’s mother Velvet Shock. Prim grabbed a hold of her and dimension doored to safety outside of the lab and gave her to jade bottle, velvet told them they took her husband up to a chamber to try to revive Estark who was the original experiment for the secret of evolution.

Prim told the “hot momma” to recover her strength and get to a safe place that they would handle it. The party continued down the eastern stairs discovering a Stone statue of a human across from a head mounted on a wall. Upon inspection they realized the head was of a basilisk and prim placed 2 coins over the eyes of the head and the stone statue reverted back to human form and was hysterical shouting about Estark had been revived and they all needed to get out now and leave while they still had a chance. Prim told him to come to his senses and slapped him across the face knocking him out. The party put him in a side room out of the way and took some keys off of him which led them through a door and upwards towards the top floor of the lab.

Climbing the stairway they heard voices talking about their success in reviving Estark and the party charged up the stairs. they were confronted with a Rakshasa, a chain devil, a blackguard, a black tabaxi and a monstrous cross between a human and an insect gigantic in size and wielding large vorpal blades it was starting to pulse and move. On the floor and cut open was another older tabaxi un-moving and not breathing. Drifting cloud immediately recognised the black tabaxi as Silver Assasin and confronted him asking why he was doing all this. Silver told Drifting cloud his father should have made him chieftain because now look where he ended up in the same place his son will soon be.

Silver motioned for his allies to kill the party and a great clash began between the 2 forces. Estark stirred and joined the battlefield crushing the fallen father of Drifting cloud underfoot with a crunch. In a rage Drifting cloud and silver clashed with fist and blade flying everywhere. The party worried about the giant Estark who opened his maw and blew a cone of cold across the party. The party enlarged Pokeman Jones and hasted him into a weapon of destruction but them after he set upon Silver assassin then light emanated from Estark’s body and dispelled any status effects in the room shrinking pokeman back to normal size.

Silver Assassin ran his blade through Drifting cloud and was on the verge of finishing him off when rowan cast hold person on him freezing the blade an inch from his heart. Estark swung his mighty blades cutting into prim who was being held aloft by the chain devil. Prim seeing the battle was not going well dimension doored into Estark’s mouth and forced his way down its throat into its stomach. He reached into his bag and pulled out the moon tear Moana had given him and dropped it in the stomach acid which began to freeze immediately. Prim exited the belly of the beast and prepared for whatever would happen next and the battle raged on.

Deeper into the The Akemto Mines
Session 97

The party proceeded deeper into the mines and heard whispering coming from around the corner they debated to themselves for awhile on how to sneak past but as they turned to look around the corner they discovered a trio of Rakshasa were aware of their presence and prim and drifting cloud were struck in an ambush and were cursed by these creatures. a vicious battle ensures with these foes as they did not seem to be harmed by any of the parties lower level spells so they had to reply on pokeman jones and drifting cloud to hold them off while they gave the feline foes all they had and eventually emerged tired but victorious.

They continued further into the mine and discovered Drifting cloud’s middle sister Jade bottle at a table with a sleeping chain devil who apparently was drugged by one of her concoctions. The party was able to ambush and slay the creature without trouble. She looked the most unharded out of all of his sisters he met so far but she wished to check on the rest of the family and said she was working on an escape route for the whole family but they recently took their father to the laboratory in the deepest part of the mine that they were trying to resurrect someone called Esturk who was the patient 0 of the secret of evolution. Jade bottle headed for the surface and wished them luck as drifting cloud promised to return with the rest of his family.

The party continued on and ended up in a room full of different colored candles. they noticed an inscription reading “light and water will lead the way”. rowan created water and yue shined light on the door and it created a rainbow from the refraction of the light but the door did not open. Meanwhile prim tried to light the blue candle and was blasted with an icy flame coming out of it them the candle went out. Looking around the room Yue and rowan figured out the candles were set in all of the colors of the rainbow and lit them up in order each one of them letting out an elemental burst upon lighting but staying lit when lit in the correct order. when the candles were lit up in Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet order the door slid open and the party proceeded discovering a injured miner.

Rowan rushed over to the miner and pulled him out of a thick pocket of gas that had been escaping from the mine and healed him up. The miner thanked her and introduced himself as big john and that they just broke through not too long ago discovering the original intent of the mine was to extract cindergems and they had a base of operations in the cavern just up ahead but them the town got taken over by those demons and chain devils who ordered them to find Esturk They have been mining for him ever since and when they finally excavated his body they have been trying everything they can to wake him up so they can learn about the experiments performed on him. The party thanked him for the information and charged forth into the cavern with pokeman using his jolly red wizard suit to control the wind and moved all of the poisonous gas out of the way creating safe space for the party to proceed.

They discovered the cavern they entered was gigantic full of cindergems top to bottom in this cavern the raw ore glowing and pulsing everywhere. stalactites and stalagmites covered the cave and a small building stood in the north of the cave and a large one to the east. The party snuck into the northern building discovering an old shrine to bahamut. Prim drifiting cloud and yue prayed at the alter and hearing their prayers bahamut broke the curse placed upon drifitng cloud and prim and yue felt slightly refreshed. The rest of the party did not seem devout enough yet and their prayers were not as sincere and did not go answered. As the party exited the building they were spotted by Psaro’s blackguard and they attacked the party but were defeated after an intense battle using cindergems they found in the mine against them.

One became a flame skull but prim was able to turn the skull against the blackguard convincing it that it would be free should it join their side. This turned the tide of battle and the blackguard fell to the party. The party tired from a deep journey into the mine took a breather and plotted what they would do as they prepared to storm the laboratory to rescue drifting cloud’s family and discover more of the 1st product of the secret of evolution.

The Akemto Mines Rescue Mission
Session 96

Prim Pressleaf transformed Himself Drifting cloud and Lone Bird into a chain devil illusionary disguise and lashed the rest of the party together with rope loosely tied to them and rowan cast freedom of movement on them. They approached the chain devils in the camp and tried to walk past them but were stopped by one close who was chained to one of the villagers and was forcing them to work around the destroyed village clearing rubble from their takeover of the mining town. they heard another man screaming as he tripped and was being lashed by the chain devil. Drifting cloud attempted to speak abbysal to the chain devil but they speak infernal instead and got into an argument and prim pressleaf tried to step in between them and use sign language which only seemed to provoke the chain devil. Prim pushed the chain devil aside and tried to walk through him but the illusion did not hold up well to touch and their disguise was broken and a fight broke out in the middle of town.

The chain devils all approached the party but they surprised them by all dropping the rope that was lashing everyone together and they set upon the chain devils and drove them back. the chain devils got flanked from the woods with unknown daggers flying out stabbing the chain devils when another of drifting cloud’s sister’s subtle page emerged and helped them clean up the other camp. One of the chain devils took a priest worker and swung them around to shield himself from ranged attacks and an onslaught of staff attacks from pokeman jones and the priest was knocked unconscious before the chain devil was brought down from behind. Drifting cloud reunited with his family and they setup a makeshift hospital in the destroyed town and put the injured villagers there.

Upon questioning the villagers they learned that this was an old cindergem mine but eventually they discovered the secret to evolution in the cave and experiments began taking place until a horrible accident occurred which created a being known as Esturk. There was a mine collapse and Esturk was sealed in the mines until recently the king of Keelon ordered the mine to be unsealed to learn more about this secret by studying the 1st creation of the secret of evolution. The experiments were overseen by a scientist named edgar and upon going to castle keelon he never returned and everyone assumed his assistant Balzack betrayed him there as he was promoted to a high position in the castle and anyone who went there to question as to what happened never returned and memory of them began to fade in people’s minds. Mara and nara said they do not wish to forget their own father and beg the party to go in and disrupt the mine sufficiently so the castle would have to respond.

Mara and Nara and Subtle page and Prim 5 decided to stay behind and guard the injured villagers and their escape route while the rest of the party ventured inward to try to rescue drifting cloud’s family. Upon entering the mine they uncovered a map of the mine and tried to follow it but time after time they kept running into dead ends and the air became thick with choking gas which started to affect the health of the party. They found the chitinous and bug like Ankheg burrowing out from the floor and they used a spike growth in the hall where they emerged to damage them as they approached. they destroyed the Ankheg by making a phalanx in the tight hallways of the mine. They continued deeper into the mine discovering twists and turns and eventually a ladder which led deeper into the mine. As they descended they were greeted by guard drakes. Gigantic frog creatures and a chain devil forcing Drifting cloud’s brother true strike to dig.

A battle ensued and all of the tabaxi and Yue were consumed by the frog like bullywugs and. the rest of the party charged them and began striking their stomach attempted to get them to regurgitate their comrades before they were digested. Drifting cloud and busy bee where spit up and he caught her and they finished off those who tried to consume them. Drifting cloud went after the chain devil who began holding true strike hostage but prim came around the corner and banished the chain devil to another plain of existence. the party finished off the guard drakes and Bullywugs and them Drifting cloud smashed the chain devil as he reappeared from banishment 1 minute later after he pulled his brother to safety.

The party continued into the mine following the map into another gas cloud choking the party and then prim noticed that the map itself was shifting and moving locations none of which seemed to lead deeper into the mine but more to mounds dug up by the miners but they seemed to give up probably due to the poisonous gas. Rowan dug through one of the miner’s dirt piles and discovered a ring of frost that they must have lost. Prim identified the map and discovered that it was cursed and was intentionally leading the party into harm. He told the party this and they huddled up to discuss their next plan as they wandered a bit further into the mine and discovered another ladder leading deeper in.

The Sisters in Monbaraba
Session 95

The party bid farewell to Moana and decided their next coarse of action was to head for the town of Monbaraba to chase down the lead drifting cloud received of his family potentially being there. On the ship ride there he told the party his sisters Busy Bee and Lone Bird contacted him and they were to meet a pair of sisters Mara and Nara Mahabala in a town where they were entertainers. On the week ride there Wes and Gwen contacted the crew via sending and told them that they discovered that there were 6 total pieces of Zenithian equipment and that they had found 3 of them so far. As far as they could tell one was given to a royal family in Stancia, one was given to a researcher on the southwest continent names Edger, and one was placed into the world tree Yggdrasil. The party thanked them for their help.

The party arrived in Monbaraba and found the town was lively and full of commerce and entertainers with people coming from far and wide to see the spectacles held in this town. With some asking around they learned of a theater near the center of town where the Mahabala sisters would be performing. After talking to the owner of the theater they made their way to the stage area and heard music and saw Mara performing and Nara telling the fortune of a pair of tabaxi that Drifting cloud immediately recognized. Prim jumped up on stage and tried to outdo Mara dancing but ended up having circles danced around him as he tripped over his feet as she twirled around him gracefully pulling off party tricks with her fans.

Busy Bee and Lone bird reunited with drifting cloud and after Mara’s practice was over the sisters joined all of them and they all introduced themselves to the group. Busy Bee and Lone bird said that they found that drifting cloud’s family had been taken into slavery and they found the slaves were moved to the Akemto mines to dig out something terrible long buries there. A failed experiment created while researching the secret of evolution. Mara and Nara told the party it was there father Edgar who was the head researcher who was heading the project until Psaro came through and wanted the research for himself. Psaro ingratiated himself with the king of keelion and had their father ordered to the castle from which he never returned.

There was rumors that Edgar’s assistant Balzack betrayed him at the castle and he was murdered and he never returned. There were search parties sent out for her father who went to keelion but they never returned either and then something strange was happening that anyone who went there in search of the missing. memories of the search parties began to fade as if they never existed at all. Rumors began spreading that there was something awful in castle keelion and they suggested everyone stay away or they may suffer the same fate. But the sisters still wanted justice for their father and they wanted to lure out Balzack from Castle Keelion and take their revenge upon him. They figured if they help disrupt the mine activity and rescue the slaves there that might be enough to drive Balzack out of hiding as they heard he was given a high governmental position in keelion for his loyalty towards the crown.

The party agreed to help Drifting cloud’s family and the sisters get their revenge and they set off towards the mine. They reached the outskirts of Akemto and they sent drifting cloud in as a scout. They cast invisibility upon him and he stealth-ed past the camp full of chain devils enslaving the people of the town and went into the mine itself, through the mine he went through twists and turns and many dead ends past many dangers the mine help and saw several of his family members chained up or working in the mines. He went through the mine for about an hour and his invisibility finally ran out and he used the wintersday orb to return to the party. He began to inform them of what he saw and they started to formulate a plan to infiltrate the mine itself.

DC: So Prim, my sister Bird and myself will pose as Chain devil’s and the rest will be our prisoners so we may infiltrate the mines, how far are we planning to go down before starting mayhem for the devil’s? From my scouting it seemed the mine went on for sometime. It was very maze like as well.

Yue: The goal is to save your family and other slaves correct? I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by enemies with no escape route.

DC: Does that wintersday orb need to be held by someone else to just teleport to it? We could use that for a quick escape as I just did. Maybe have it hidden close to the outskirts of town. But that brings in the question of how many can we teleport at once….6 was it?

Yue: I think it was just 6 people too. I haven’t quite figured out on the distance limitations either. Usually we would have someone holding onto it but I feel like leaving it hidden outside would work too.

DC: that’s always a good back up plan, if only we had someone with the teleportation spell. That would make it extremely easy.

Aethil: Prim seems to know the teleportation circle spell, and from my little bit of cleric knowledge I’m sure Rowan has a teleportation circle like spell as well.

Yue: Yea I remember Prim using it. Not sure if I’ve seen Rowan using it, might have to ask her about it. Though I think she would have to pray to her god to get it.

Moana’s Mischief in the Cascading Cave
Session 94

The party entered a room and opened a rusted door leading to a box filled with anchovies. Pokeman Jones was brave enough to dive into it and fished around finding a key at the bottom of the chest which opened a gate which led downward. The karstaway stone parted the waters below revealing a big chamber and the Mermaid swam up to the party and introduced herself as Moana and she needed the parties help to find her pet “Tiny” as he was hiding and won’t come out. She told the party he loves crab meat and asked them to get some for her so she can find him.

The party agreed to Moana’s request and chummed the waters with the fish they found upstairs and some old sushi that drifting cloud had stashed in his bag. The bait did its job and 4 hulking large crabs burst fro mthe water grabbing prim Rowan and Gwyn and drug them into the walls of water created in the area. The party sprung into action and through wedging their way out of the crab’s grip and a multitude of lightning spells from Yue and Aethil they eventually fried the crabs and had meat to present to Moana who thanked them and used the meat to call Tiny out who turned out to be a Whale. Prim started conversing with Moana and tried to get on her good side asking if he could ride Tiny which she let him and he rode the whale crashing through the next gate which lead deeper into the cave.

The Party told Moana they were seeking Zenithian equipment and she said that a piece of armor had come down to the bottom of the sea lately but that broguht forth a bunch of nasty ladies who chased her to the upper levels and she would be grateful if the party chased them off so they weren’t a problem. The party agreed and headed down the stairs deeper into the cave. The Karstaway stone continues to push aside and hold back the water as they went deeper.

In the next chamber the party encountered several treasure chests but as they ran for the loot they failed to see a school of sharks swimming nearby which jumped out at them and carried prim into the water. the party once again dove in and tried to rescue their companion with drifting cloud grappling the shard that had him bit and gut punching the ventral side of the shark until it coughed him up. the party fought off the vicious shark attack and found a nice pair of boots in the treasure chest.

The party proceeded to the lowest level of the cave and found a treasure chest bobbing in the water. Drifting cloud tried to use a rope to lasso it and haul it in. But as they tugged on it they found it was already attached to a rope undrneath the murky water and as it pulled taught it awoke a coven of hags who all tried to pull drifting cloud in with them but pokeman jones grabbed the rope and together they hauled all 5 hags and the treasure chest out of the water. The hags enraged by the intruders began casting spells upon them polymorphing pokeman jones into a snail but the other party members all resisted the effects of the hag coven.

The party set upon the hags trading lighting bolts counter spell duels and control magic put in the end the party fell the hag coven and recovered the Zenithian Armor chest piece out of the box. They decided to let Rowan wear the armor. As the fighting finished Moana finally caught up to the party having to take the long way around not being able to travel via land. She thanked the party for clearing out the hags and asked them if there was anything she could do for them. Prim sensing his opportunity wanted to become much closer to Moana and so he began telling her more knock knock jokes but was nervous and kept messing them up.

Drifting cloud gave Prim a really cringy joke for one last attempt which also flopped so he just gave her a statue that would let her contact the party should she want to talk with them again if she gets lonely. Moana thanked the group as a whole and hopped on Tiny and they swam away stating she hoped she saw them again someday and gave them a seed of moon ice. The party bid Moana Farewell and Prim continued his plan to win her over as he watched them swim away. He watered his grandfather tree with Water from the deepest level of the shrine of the breaking waves and it seemed to sprout and grow more. The party all stood around with nothing but the sound of the waves around them now and a distant whale call as they decided on their next step in their adventure.

Vlad’s vindication and Laureen’s Lament
Session 93

Prim looked at vlad stepped forward and gave a speech: I know I’m not a good man. I’ve snuck girls love potions, stolen from the elderly, sacrificed my friends soul for a cool looking fiddle. I’ve done some pretty messed up stuff. But I’ve also done some good stuff, like the time I loved a lonely, scared little boy who only wanted his family to accept him. Who just wanted his dad to say “I’m proud of you for doing what you love”. This kid had been through so much because of his heartless, abusive family. Yet he continued to love them. He wanted them to be safe and live happy lives. This is how his family repaid that love. Gods I have never asked for anything from any of you. But if you answer the one prayer, the only prayer that I have ever sent you, I will do whatever you want. Dear Gods GRANT ME THE STRENGTH TO SHOVE MY BOOT SO FAR UP THIS MOTHER S * THAT WHEN I DRAG HIS BLODDY BROKEN BODY OUTSIDE THE SUN COOKS HIM INSIDE AND OUT!!!!

Aethil: Damn that’s a speech Prim! I still have to say told you so though. I’ll still help whatever gods are listening to you kick his fecken arse six ways from Sunday

Yue: If he’s the one who set those nasty traps…then let me burn him to ash…. (holding back from firing a bolt)

Prim stepped forward and summoned an illusionary dragon which attacked Vlad but Vlad’s eyes shone behind his sunglasses and he cast a mass charm upon the party with Yue and Prim falling under his spell causing the dragon to halt its assault. Pokeman Jones cast protection vs good and evil on Aethil and they set upon the Vampire. Seeing Yue throw fire at Aethil pokeman Grappled her to the ground and pinned her down with his sweaty and heavy body while she attempted to slap him. Drifting cloud attempted to pummel the vampire but he was much faster than expected catching his fists and played quit hitting yourself with his own paws before throwing him backwards. Rowan quickly moved up to prim and broke the charm on him and then moved and also gave yue a greater restoration breaking the charm held on the party.

They all converged on the Vampire and Prim blasted him with a disintegrate and the image faded revealing a ghostly Woman holding her chest. She introduced herself as Laureen and told the party she had been killed here as did the rest of her company known as the grey vipers. The party chastised the ghost for starting all of the trouble in the land with psaro and blaimed her for killing rosa and Laureen admitted to it that she was jealous that psaro loved rosa instead of her and found rosa selfish as elves they lived for a long time and her time was brief and she couldn’t understand why she didn’t let them just be together and so she took matters into her own hands and the tragedy in rosaville occurred. Psaro then hunted the grey vipers down only to find that his childhood best friend was the one who betrayed him and he killed them all in this cave and sealed it curing their name to suffer here for all eternity.

Laureen begged the party to break their curse and free her people as she was the one who put them up to the assault she said that there was a locket behind a boulder in the room to go bury it in rosaville to break the curse. Rowan and pokeman jones moved the boulder to discover the actual vlad was behind there and near death. He called out in a weakened voice that he heard his son to bring him to Alucard. They drug the broken vampire’s body to his sons’s ashes and he cried out:

No my son how could this have happened. it was not your time yet. If only we had gotten the chance to speak after we fought then maybe we could have made amends but it is too late. I cannot allow you to leave here yet. I enact the elder blood pact. Aezali os myr! In the name of the dracula family hear me raven queen you will not have my son this day, Aezali os myr! my blood for his blood, Aezali os myr! my life for his life, Aezali os myr! I tie my spirit thread to his soul and draw it back to this mortal plane. Aezali os myr!

With that ritual cast Alucard’s ashes reassembled and Vlad turned to ash his sunglasses collapsing into the ash pile. Alucard looked around asking how he was alive learned that his father did actually care for him despite their disagreements and traded his life for Alucard. Tears streamed down the vampire’s cheeks and he took his father’s sunglasses out of the pile and kept them. Prim scooped up some of the ashed and used them to nourish the grandfather tree branch that he has taken long ago.

Rowan found a locket in the cave which contained a picture of Laureen and Psaro when they were younger and she felt many negative emotions coming off of the locket, jealousy, betrayal anger, sadness, loneliness. She felt these strong feelings sealing binding the spirits to this cave and cast remove curse on the object and it broke in 2 and fell to the ground. Immediately the party felt the stale air of the cave lift and a fresh breeze reach even the depths of this cave. The spirit of Laureen looked at Rowan and thanked her for freeing her people so that they could finally be free.

The party looked around and decided that they had experienced enough of this horrible place and left back to their ship. They decided to sail to the shrine of the breaking waves next. They decided not to tell Rosa yet of what they found in the cave just that they didn’t locate any armor pieces in there. On the trip north Yue tried to help aethil make a coffin for Alucard but it ended up having jagged pieces which looked like stakes coming out of it and the girls made him more nervous. Prim tried his best to comfort alucard and worked on creating 2 more simulacrum of himself prim 3 and 4. They wandered aroudn the ship all talking and chattering with each other as Yue got frustrated with her construction project and set the coffin ablaze to the chagrin of Pokeman Jones who came out to chastise her about lighting fires on his ship. Drifting cloud meditated on the ship while Rowan contacted Lurue and asked her if she and gwyn could spend more time together. and across the sky a rainbow appeared and Gwyn was aboard the ship and her and rowan spent time getting the unicorn sea legs.

The party eventually arrived at the Shrine of the breaking waves. they descended into the cave and the gradual slope eventually worked its way into a set of stairs into a big pool of water. But as prim approached carrying the karstaway stone the waters receded before him and formed walls. Before them stood a large chamber with stairs leading up to a triangular shaped gate that looks like it was made of shimmering water. An inscription was written upon the door. “knock twice to enter” and there was a space that looked like it fit the shape of the karstaway stone.

Prim knocked twice on the gate and saw rippled occur through the walls of water. A few moments went by when a vision of a mermaid appeared on he door and she asked “Who’s there?”. Prim answered “prim the greatest bard in the land” The beautiful mermaid replied “prim the greatest bard in the land who?”. Prim replied…. uhhh prim the greatest bard in the land. She frowned at him and said “your no fun GO AWAY!” and disappeared from the door. Water elementals sprung forth from the waves and began attacking the party whelming them. Through strength and teamwork the party kept pulling each other out of the elementals. Yue slid between Pokeman’s legs with a shocking grasp and just avoided hitting his cod piece with it. Together that party beat back and electrified the water elementals leaving nothing but the sound of rushing water.

Prim tried knocking on the door again with the karastaway stone and the mermaid once again and asked “who’s there?” this time prim replied with a knock knock joke and the mermaid blinked a few times and them began laughing hysterically and proclaimed I like you come on in. and she disappeared once again but the water door unlocked and rose into the waves and the party entered the Shrine of the Breaking Waves.


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